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Earl and Fairy Translations

i've been waiting forever for somebody to translate these.

Earl and Fairy---Book 2 PART 8






Leaning, Lydia shook the girl to rouse, but not awake.
"I have given medicine to make her sleep. I'll take. "
"Hey, Lydia, we are in trouble!"
Nico was stunned running towards them.
"Nico! Where have you gone. "
"No matter we have to get out of here fast. This has become complicated. "
Nico was at the foot of Lydia talking incessantly.
"I know. Graham's teammates should be close. "
"Huh? They are not dangerous! The Bogey beast returned, both with his master are using Rosalie, want to kill the Count! "
Ah, that was it.
Lydia remembered.
"Edgar! I forget! The fogman wants you dead!"
He was crouched next to Doris, and turned in surprise. Maybe. Although told that he was in a fairy tale, there is no doubt that he was all nonsense.
"I do not remember that thing I had a grudge."
"Hey Lydia, then that was the fogman!"
Nico was shaking.
"The beast Bogey said. Hey Nico, you know what is the weakness of fogman? "
"That devil seems to have a weakness, but can we do something? It seems he had an enemy but was imprisoned along with his favorite plant, that's what Bogey said. "
"What enemy? "Plant?"
"I do not know. Wait, I heard a similar conversation ... ... "
"What you said Lydia, why you want me dead?"
Exchanging conversation, Lydia felt confused.
"Well, in short, he has a grudge against the fogman Earl Blue Knight. The ancestor count, put him in the "fairy egg." As you own now the name of Earl Blue Knight, think eat. "
"Wait a minute, is the fogman inside the fairy egg?"
"Was not your family of ancient lineage? That's why your family, thanks to royal blood, the fogman could not go out and have contact. But when passed into the hands of Rosalie, the label lost its force, and called the Bogey Beast, to emerge, many years was looking for the Blue Knight Earl. "
"... Then, I met Rosalie."
"Yes, to learn that you were the Blue Knight Earl, put you in the spotlight."
"What must I do to fight him?"
Lydia asked. That issue, she did not know. Evil like a fairy, could not see or touch or get close to him, did not know how to protect them, was inexperienced.
It bore the name of Dr. tale but it was not useful, it was irritating, I thought I could do.
"That problematic. If he were the true Count Caballero Azul fogman could fight with. "
Nico murmured discontent.
"Edgar is not the real. But it must have some strength. "
"I will not be true but I think I can fight. Although I eat, do not you think it will fail to emerge? "
"Nevertheless, you might eat."
"I see."
"In addition, more than the power of the Earl Blue Knight, the person has value still bears his name."
It was difficult when he locked the Bogey Beast, he was upset when Edgar used it to lure him see the truth to save Edgar and Doris Rosalie anyway for Lydia was a shame to have forgotten the fogman.
The Bogey beast back quickly, she had neglected.
Anyway tale as a doctor had made a big mistake.
Ah! Nico suddenly raised his voice.
"It is Rosemary, Lydia!"
"What do you mean?"
"What I tell you, Rosemary leaf ... that's what it was."
Bowed his head. But was not the time to listen to the explanation disorderly Nico.
"However, this is not our only problem."
She sounded close to many steps.
In the warehouse, had them surrounded.
Cutting the passage of several men, came closer Graham.
"Conde, now the roles have changed."
Graham had regained consciousness, surrounded by his comrades felt confident, smiling maliciously.
"You wanted to fall into your trap, but your plans at the end did not work."
"How is that?"
"What can you do yourself? This walker murder weapon appears to be a man, is enclosed at the bottom of the boat. "
Of course, at the bottom of the ship Lydia had locked the fat man who was around in the interior.
"Do not underestimate the boy."
Edgar replied calmly.
The boat rocked.
No, not rocking the boat, the cargo was stored. Thinking they were reeling, suddenly fell in the men's head of Graham.
Falling softly above was a black shadow.
Wooden boxes and barrels directly hit, barely escaped Graham, Raven lunged at him immobile.
Passing the knife through his neck, the subject of Graham stopped moving.
There was no time to sigh with relief.
"Lydia, this guy comes!"
Nico shouted above the cargo being dropped.
Breathless, Rosalie ran.
The Bogey Beast was laughing over her shoulder.
"Miss Rosalie, stop, are using it!"
But she did not hear the voice of Lydia.
The agate was sealed but the evil was wrapped tightly to Rosalie.
Although the force was extremely weak, Rosalie shared sympathy and resentment towards Edgar, and captured the girl's consciousness.
Rosalie may not know what he was doing now.
(The count is there, catch it!)
The beast screamed and Rosalie Bogey without hesitation, bringing the agate threw it down.
It opened a small crack.
But the holy water from touching so many years locked up in the air, evaporated in an instant and disappear.
At that time, the fog came with an unpleasant odor, suddenly filling the ship's interior.
Graham's teammates shouted stunned, or taking a single step could see the thick fog.
Lydia was a little fog was to Edgar.
"Lydia, breakaway Count!"
In a separate Nico screamed.
The fogman only pointed to Edgar.
"Hurry, go."
Edgar talked about watching the mist coming toward him.
"Lord Edgar," Where is?! "
It was the voice of Raven.
"Raven, Do not come!"
The fogman ... ... ..
Lydia saw the figure of fogman.
A thick black shadow was inside the condensed fog.
Not only was one. He was born this grotesque figure, when the fogman had been a fairy dog. Growling around them.
The long shadow of fogman, swayed and moved his body to have discerned Edgar. And I was going to attack him.
"Lydia, run fast."
"... ... .. No!"
Push the thought Edgar, Lydia unconsciously stuck to the young.
At that time, a thick darkness covered them both. He felt great pressure.
Involved and swallowed, his feet did not feel the ground. Suddenly felt cold, it was as if they were in the middle of winter.
"This is ... Are we inside the fogman?"
Lydia did not know. Everything was dark and could not see anything until the tips of his fingers were frozen.
A little, breathed and felt like taking off the weight off.
"Sorry ... ...."
Lydia whispered, his anger abated.
"Sorry, sorry, I'm a beginner in this sort of thing. In fact, I might call fairy doctor, sorry. He said things to brag, but I could not save, sorry. "
"Do not say such things. You're still the same. Also significantly, do not smile when you're in front of me, and I will not now take the blame for you to cry. "
He stroked her hair gently, Lydia realized he was holding the boy, if separated from him in the fog I'd be afraid, so he stayed that way.
Now, Edgar could be a dangerous person to be with a girl. But there seemed to be lucky.
"At this moment I want to be reckless but I want you to tell me something. In the past when you clung to me, was an obligation as a doctor tales? or "Are you in love a little of me?"
"Is that all you got in your head?"
Leaving mourn, Lydia felt a little strange.
Why suddenly had hugged him? She did not know. Perhaps it was because that person did not want to be alone.
Many of his friends who had gone were not allowed to walk in front of them, thus leaving alone. As a leader, no one looked his true self. When he opened his way, he realized he had only Raven.
He wanted his colleagues, even a little has been aided, wanted to believe in that.
Carrying a heavy weight, slaughter them, he lived alone.
He thought he had seen his heart, might have given the illusion of Lydia, but again had been misled, but did not think he wanted to be alone.
"... ... You looked sad."
"Uhm, was compassion?"
"Do not be pushy."
Despite being close, was freezing cold.
"You're hot."
"Hey, do not you cold?"
"No, I mean. Ah, but this a while ago has been hot. "
Edgar took from his pocket, pulled out the preserve.
On balance, it glowed.
A little, pushed into the darkness.
"What is this ...."
"A preserved ...."
"I know, but ...."
"Oh Raven said that this doctor wanted to see the fairy."
"Is he keeps it?"
"Well you do not tell me that he carries the blood of a sprite, and I consider it rather intriguing."
Perhaps that was why from the beginning, Raven had told Lydia that the can was a weapon.
Had he realized that he had in it a fairy?
The Conservatives were asking for help from Lydia, not, well what was in it.
Is the grass a fish? That was not what the strength of fogman away.
What was sealed in the can, I had a great force. But he could fight the fogman, maybe that was an attribute?
... The nature of the fogman scare.
Lydia quickly understood.
Nico said on Rosemary leaf. The Bogey beast had deceived him, contained in a preserved within the conservation was his enemy.
Surrounded by the refreshing aroma of the plant, was the presence of a fairy.
"Edgar, this may help us! If you could open this retained. "
"I'm not walking a utensil for opening cans."
"Ah, I see."
At a stroke Lydia discouraged.
In this way, improvising, if I could have guessed what had happened, could have been prepared, the fogman could have been removed. There was that opportunity, but Lydia was a beginner.
"Ahh, I'm a fool. What desperate. "
"Is it because you can not eat because they can not open?"
"Mm, if I had only one hole. I thought maybe there would not be in a fish. "
"Maybe fly out, are you all right?"
Having said that, the boy took the gun.
He wondered if he would be either the contents of the can, but reconsidered because it was a fairy.
"Let's do it."
"Lydia, back."
Placed the conserved at the level of his feet. Lydia covered her ears, getting behind Edgar.
We heard a shot, and flew preserved.
He left a strong breeze.
The wind pushed the fog that enveloped them, raising it by blowing and pulling.
Like the sound of a groan, is it a cry of pain fogman? The large black shadow seemed to wind resistance.
Gradually the fog swallowed black. But the breeze that covered not approached Lydia and Edgar.
If playing the wind, would be taken by the fog. It was a tribute Pixie natural.
The fog had willingly, and was fighting with the wind, it still retained its black figure, and as a last resort that would fight.
He heard men screaming at Graham.
Circling the fog, being close to Graham's men were swallowed up by it.
But the fog had swallowed the men, the wind lifting the fog forgave him, since that does not matter if they were people or things disappear all.













 Little by little you could see inside the ship.
Inside the wind met Nico, Rosalie and Doris, also Raven, the extent of the fog away from the wind.
At one point the wind was so strong that Lydia could not keep my eyes open.
Supported by Edgar, he felt his arm was caught, he heard the insults of Bogey beast that mingled with the wind disappeared.
Somehow he could look up, the sky was slightly blue.
Suddenly the roof of the warehouse was broken. The breeze carried the haze to the sky.
The air was clean, the sky was the figure of blue wings.
"Sylph ... .."
Lydia murmured.
What had been locked in the can flew out abruptly, it was a sylph.
And announced the arrival of spring.
A gust of wind flew across the surface of the river going towards the city.
He felt strongly that the boat rocked, but the sylph had protected them for Lydia was being inside of a crib.
He felt the sign of the last of the fog, leaving the fairy of the wind and the sky.
"Edgar, we're fine! We are no longer within the fogman! "
Being brought into the fogman, having returned, Lydia raised her voice shaken.
"Oh, that seems to be."
Edgar was safe.
I was relieved, he would no longer be alone.
The audacity or good fortune, he only wish to help with the miracle of this fairy could not move, even thought it was a good time.
Lydia sighed with relief, Edgar was holding his arm.
Realizing he had clung to Edgar, he took her hand with his cheek, he thought he could not escape.
He smiled gently.
Penetrating sunlight shone about her blond hair like pure gold, was a prisoner of his provocative grayish violet eyes.
This distance and the environment around them were a little inconvenient.
Thinking, hit it good, his hand went through her cheek, and lifted his head.
Mm, well, Raven had told her that Edgar was not that kind of person.
Hey, wait a minute.
He said he would not do anything, "Raven is a ful menti ... ... ... ...?
His lips gently touched the forehead of Lydia. And the boy smiled happily.
"As I figured, I like candy. It is a pity that I can not eat it all. "


With the arrival of the wind to London, the smog surrounding the city was cleared, there came a gentle spring day.
Graham Lord and colleagues who participated in their evil deeds disappeared, several rumors flew but the truth is that they should lie within the mist.
Lydia could not imagine that situation fogman taking them to their world of darkness.
The fogman had lost his chance to emerge. Surely one day would keep enough strength to return, but that would require a long time.
Disappearing Lord Graham, Edgar had missed the chance to fight with the prince, but sometimes that is not within the plans.
He wondered if he would no longer seek revenge, nor Lydia knew, thinking to Graham, it seemed that his anger had disappeared.
But Edgar, for the sake of his teammates had done their revenge, but could not finish with their own hands with Graham.
Lydia's why he wanted the boy believed that it was not necessary to think only in the vengeance of his comrades.
Anyway, Edgar managed to explain what happened that Graham used the household goods of Waltpaul, knowing that Lady Doris was locked, and used to Rosalie for the public to believe that she was the culprit.
About Lydia, was born on a boat suspected to Graham. Listening Edgar the state of play, Edgar was invited to the ship by Lord Graham, and the sailors were a riot ... and so he continued to explain.
Those who remained alive, did not know the circumstances had been hired only as sailors, though they knew about the smuggling did not declare, as they had to be forever silent, "Edgar said.
As I thought he was really a villain.
But Lydia, to relieve the concern of the accident, Edgar suggested he rest for 3 days, but usual, as there was no work left for the mansion of the Count.
That day, he had invited Lydia Rosalie and Doris.
Doris still asleep, did not know bustle of fogman, Rosalie having been used by him could not remember anything.
Rosalie returned in it when the beast Bogey fogman and left the scene, found asleep Doris came running toward her and began to mourn.
Staying apologized seriously stunned begging Rosalie, Doris knew nothing, and both friendship.
"Soon, Doris and I are going to the field."
Rosalie said with apparent tranquility.
"It's because London is too noisy."
Quietly, Doris smiled.
"Yes, that's fine."
"For me the field is boring but Doris said she was going to feel alone. This girl is always going to be a responsibility ... .. "
Rosalie did not change at all, Doris nudged him, "I get it" responded by putting a face obedient.
"This, I'm sorry. Also, thanks for rescue ... .. I came to tell you this. "
Surprisingly, Doris seemed to be the big sister.
"When saved if any, was not only for me. But Miss Murray is better than not related to the fairies. "
"I understood .... The Fairy egg and the fairy, will not protect me at all. With the fairies, you can not trust. "
Well no matter, Lydia thought. Rosalie got in touch with the Bogey Beast, because he had the "fairy egg." Originally she had no ability to see the fairies, was not to worry that she was a fairy with bad intentions like Bogey beast.
"In addition to Miss Lydia, did not want to go with us?"
"I think we can become friends. If you do not care to make friends with Doris. You know, in the countryside there is nothing, but if we were the three I think it would be boring. "
Rosalie seemed to mean it, her eyes shone.
"But I, I have to do some things .... Of course I think we already are friends. "
"Is it true? Do not you is threatening Edgar? If you work being done by force, I think we can help you. "
He brought his face, quickly whispered secretly.
"It is, I'm fine. No case at all. "
"Tell me the truth. I will not tell anyone. "
"Not really forcing me not to worry."
"Rosalie, do not require it."
Doris saying, the girl pulled a little unhappy.
"So you do not want to go play at our house?"
"Yes, of course."
"Wow, What I do not invite me?"
Rosalie and Doris were pricked to hear the voice from the door.
"Ah, welcome home, Edgar. They have just come. "
"Welcome, ladies. Make yourself at home. "
Edgar was smiling, Rosalie's face twitched slowly.
"No, and we pulled ourselves!
"But, there have been fresh."
"Excuse us, Miss Lydia. Do not have much time. When we are near our house we'll write! "
Doris Rosalie pulled quickly avoided the small distance that was with Edgar and the door.
Leaving the room, even turned their gaze.
"Did I so afraid?"
Edgar muttered discontent.
"Is that'm afraid."
"Rosalie is expected to have it but also why he fled Lady Doris?"
"Naturally, Rosalie, told you that you are a wicked person."
A little shrugged, he had not spent a situation in which the girls hate him. Lydia also looked strangely.
"You're not afraid. Rosalie Did you hear something? "
He was surprised, she also had doubts.
He did not hear all the details, was a man who could quickly change your kind attitude, it was natural not to approach him. In the situation of Lydia, did not think someone else would do the same. But.
"At this point, I know you're a wicked person."
"But you, this person perverse embraced while crying."
"That was because I was busy!"
"Well you're someone who does not listen to anyone. Since then, I was thinking about what you said. "
"Yes, upon your mystery. At the end thanks to you, is not saved at all? My goal was just revenge, and I used it. But you wanted to rescue and assist Doris Rosalie and the wickedness of Graham. In conclusion, rescued the two girls, I felt as if you had twice rescued. You really, will you not be the fairy of fortune? "
Do not embellish that. We were saved by the sylph, and that was a coincidence that we have saved.
Fairy's fortune ... .. that's impossible. Lydia, had no power was only a beginner.
"Huh?" Did I say something to put you depressed? "
"Incidentally, I was also thinking about something."
"I, this time not know what to do. As a doctor I have a long tale. "
Feeling a sign, Edgar faintly raised eyebrow.
"That's why, I can not be the adviser to the family of Count ... ..."
"Wait a moment, Lydia. Do not tell me, what are you going? "
"I will return to Scotland to study more."
"What is wrong? If I have something wrong I will endeavor to correct it. So do not tell me you want to separate. "
"Why are you talking about separation."
"Do not tell me, do you like a man? If he wants to separate me from you, I ask for a duel. If that man does not want to die for you, then I will not retire. "
"Stop joking!"
I thought I would not joke when he tried to talk seriously, the boy seemed to be upset by jumping on the nearest sofa.
"I'm not kidding. You do not know how much I need, do not you understand? "
"But I, I can not even consider taking the post of doctor-tale."
"We saved the fogman."
"That was a fluke."
"More than a fairy doctor, you are so pure, that's perhaps what I need. You taught me that I did not hate anyone else if you were not, who could comfort me? "
"I want to become a fairy doctor. I do not want to be your comfort and being your girlfriend. "
"Girlfriend! How nice that sounds. If you were by my side that would change. "
She gave him a sexy look.
But Edgar's big problem was that what he said was not true.
As always Lydia was not going to believe their words.
Also, the kiss on the forehead, was a bad prank?, Was how to treat it as a friend?, Or ... ... Anyway I did not understand, Lydia had received.
As if treated as a child, he would have forgotten what happened, so just watch his face was ashamed. What would you do with that feeling, he felt uneasy, but still continued to be a doctor thinking tale.
"You know, Edgar ... ... we have to talk seriously."
"If you need to study to become one, do not you could do here?"
"It's very fairy number in London. As the advisor to the Count's family, no work. Not hired me to be your playmate, is disappointing. "
"And what if there was work?"
In saying that, Lydia felt strange.
In what was he thinking about me.
"If I make a lot of work, could gain experience and become one, do not you think?"
"If you do that, you had told me that fast."
Huh? Lydia nodded, Edgar called Tompkins.
And brought a box in his arms, and left him in front of Lydia.
"What is this ...."
Inside the box, there was a bundle of letters.
"In short as I am the successor of the family of Count the news was going from one place to another, the man in his long absence, people are suffering because they were with the fairies, they have to endure, the current situation is that are dissatisfied and why pray in the letters. The lands of Earl Blue Knight, even though we are not in the world of fairies seems to be that we have a population of fairies there. "
The fairies are in the fields. Arman commotion on the roof at night, take possession of the sources, the animals flee, leave traces in the laundry ......
For some time, had arrived that packet of letters asking for help to Dr. tale.
"Why, no sooner showed them to me!"
"It's that if you wore to work quickly to newly hired, I thought maybe you'd say you did not want to do it and resign."
"How many weeks wanted to hide it!"
If I said a word not enough time, Lydia quickly moved the box to the table that was near the window. He sat in a bright place, seeing the letter was absorbed.
"But Lydia, this time I understood. Take the name of Earl Blue Knight, that of bringing a prestigious lineage, the ancestors who bore an uncanny carried with them on his back the bitterness of someone. The conversation you do about the fairies, which they live many years, happened to be the count will be some who will want to punish bad fairies. You were not imported but his successor, may have some fairy fogman as having a grudge against the Count. "
"Excuse me, but what we can do that later?"
Grouped the content of the letters. To act quickly took steps to summarize, while Lydia did not reply more fully concentrated.
"Okay, we have much time for us. As the count, not abandon me. "
Sure, she had not heard.
Raven had tea. Looking at the boy properly served cups of tea, Edgar laughed in good humor.
"Somehow, I cut when I was talking."
"About Raven, who won the bet kiss?"
Realizing the boy looked at Lydia who was near the window.
"Right now she does not listen."
"Draw. Because Lord Edgar left him halfway. "
"Are you upset?"
"No. I do whatever I ordered. I only made a bet with Miss Lydia, did not think it would be difficult for you to get a kiss."
"But when I approached her cautiously put. And if he did it by force, do not feel I did something wrong? "
"Would not it bad enough?"
At the door he heard a voice. He said a cat was standing on both legs. It's what you felt.
"Yes? But I just want to be more intimate with Lydia. Rather than stack 100 words, using only your lips can make a more intimate, that's what happens to a man and a woman. "
"So is not completely lost its chance?"
As I thought about it, Raven was a little annoying. The aid had given Edgar, Lydia accepted the bet and had kissed her like a child. But Raven could not show their feelings, thought it was a good sign.
"Raven were working just as hard at the part that you're weak, I feel bad. But as it were, although I had that opportunity, I felt that I should not take advantage of the situation. "
Although it had lost that opportunity. When you open a wine you like, should be opened at the appropriate time.
"Umm, so you had a reason. I thought you did what you wanted. "
Nico approaching, he jumped on a chair around the table. I was going to participate in the tea.


Earl and Fairy---Book 2 PART 7

Obviously Graham's face turned red with anger, Lydia understood to be a bit secluded.
"Graham Lord, you are responsible for the purchase and sale of stolen goods and illegal transport not only I could remove it. I hid in the basement of a new lady. You told the girl, you'd store a certain amount of wine there, so I would use the basement as a warehouse freely. "
"... ... ... .. That, I do not know."
"Well I do not care. Also the lady had debts, want to sell their house, I bought it. The basement had inexpensive wines that were his, as elsewhere in custody, that house, everything I had inside my membership now. The obstructing shelf basement room, the lady did not even know he had a room at home, who would do all that, but I just received it. "
Lydia Nico forgot to release, he did move, they were nervous to see Edgar and Graham.
"Save what is necessary, the waste and what you had removed easily from Waltpaul family assets," if he were in trouble, right? But Miss sold home. As his girlfriend, it seemed that he forgot to treat her better. If he had, perhaps I could have asked his advice before selling the house. "
An evil laugh, Lydia Edgar did not recognize.
"It seems that no one had yet realized the things that were hidden in the basement, until he tried a thief. Others who entered the basement, think that the hidden room was only a painted wall. It was not easy to dig that and impatient, hence I knew you were getting your hands on the assets of the baroness Doris ... This is more or less how things went. "
"What is your purpose?"
As expected, Graham had fallen perfectly into the trap of Edgar, feeling strange.
"His ruin."
"You want to kill me ... ...?"
"It is not necessary for me to get their hands dirty."
With his stick, Graham's chest tightened.
"To defend the illegal sale of those cruelly imprisoned in South Africa, give you gold bars, this is how it manipulates the prince. Do you know, right? That man, can not be deceived and betrayed. If you find out who stole his luggage, would be a shame, huh? "
"N-no kidding. Do you know the prince? No, wait. Stop please. Whatever you do, do not worry that takes all my goods ... "
"I did not say he wanted to ruin. While you are in a box, the prince did not receive their gold bullion? It is my gift, I wonder what will face. Will be angry with me, do not you think? "
Using Graham, he was declaring war on the prince.
That was the revenge of Edgar to Graham, not pardon anyone in his vengeance, being the first step.
Lydia felt chills on the back.
"You, who are you?"
"He knows."
"... ... I think not. Has he lied which is the count ... ....! "
"Hey, do you agree then my name? Good Lord Graham, 8 years ago I met him, like a dying child, looked at me and laughed at me. He thought he remembered my face, but it seems that your vision is blurred and I can see well. "
Graham opened his eyes. His legs were shaking.
"I do not think it is impossible, you are ... .."
Following the conversation, maybe he said the real name of Edgar. But Lydia was unable to hear his voice so low.
"The prince is brutal with their belongings. You better than anyone should know that Lydia must treat them carefully. It was a mistake when I tried at the time as a burden, I heard that the prince was upset with you. "
Graham quickly, screaming in front of Edgar wanted to pounce on him.
But Edgar kicked in the knee, staggering Graham, beat him further with his staff.
Lydia giving a little cry, she closed her eyes.



 In addition, Edgar would not stop hurting, I had no compassion, had a cold look, it was not possible to stop by pleas.
Do not be afraid that someone was looking at another feeling that was hit?
Graham against resistance, Raven was holding him until he fainted, he was still cold.
Edgar was not going to curb their hatred, that Graham had given the prince, now would do the opposite.
But no matter how much hatred you have and make your revenge, nothing would be as before.
Edgar could not help.
Having escaped the prince, he found his freedom again was only severely in a fight.
It was too much.
Lydia sighed, Edgar turned the sign of cruelty before he hid it completely, reverting to the same gentleman.
"Excuse me, Lydia. I did a terrible thing for you to see. "
Coming towards her, he extended his hand. Rejecting it, she stood, looking fixedly Edgar.
"That person, do you plan to put it in a shipment?"
"You do not need to know. Because you're an accomplice. "
Frowned weakly.
That was, Lydia was not Edgar's companion. I thought to rescue his cherished companion, said he was going desperately to save, but I was not his accomplice, until then had no connection with the youth.
But he could not convince.
"Edgar, what I finally hired as a doctor tales? As the new earl, did not want to lend my help? "
"... ... Let's talk about that later. If you do not get out of here soon, maybe come such subordinates. "
"What are you saying? If so, we must search and rescue Doris and Rosalie. "Both are not in the boat?"
"We have no obligation to rescue them."
At one point Lydia thought she heard wrong.
"P" why? "
"There is no time, however this ship is not going to leave. Investigate the interior. "
When investigated? "After a few days, weeks? Naturally going to let die.
"But we know that they are locked up, knowing that the left think ... ... .."
Having said that, Lydia realized something.
Edgar knew he had abandoned for 8 years.
"Do you have a grudge? Why Doris Rosalie and I took the fairy egg and do not get rescued? "
He looked a little puzzled Lydia.
"I really do not remember."
"8 years ago, Rosalie told me he saw a child who was trapped in the store near the bank of that river. He thought he was a thief, for you have brought an agate ... Was not talking about you? Graham Lord shut you surrender to the prince, "You want the same thing happen to them, no?"
He sighed, not wanting to remember a difficult past, thought he was astonished to have got into Lydia.
"Although what has happened, I have them no grudge. Lydia, for these girls, it was natural to leave a dirty boy. They had no connection with me, you understand that. Sorry, but I knew that they were prey to his uncle ... .. "
Edgar to say the least, Lydia raised his hand.
Came a sound.
Wow, Nico had murmured, what have I done?, Lydia was confused, Edgar did not wake of the coup.
"Truly you are a villain! You use your feelings of Rosalie, the hold with your words to use them, if you no longer want them, they have abandoned? ... Truly I have a grudge. Indeed at the time, you wanted me to rescue them! No matter if you were not related, but perhaps could have been a waste of time if there had been that person, you had been rescued ... ... ... "
The coldness of it was because he had been helped, Lydia felt pain for him.
I did not know it would be nice to say, she was screaming.
"That's why, I the ransom! For you to rescue him and Doris Rosalie! Although it fails to do so, the feeling of help, anyone has it. You told me to save you, had a profit and loss in that? I do not think that's what I believe, the seek! "
Finished speaking forcefully, he left behind Edgar.
"Nico, go!"
Believing it was a nuisance, Nico jumped out of bed and went to Lydia walking with two legs.

"Raven, do you understand the meaning?"
Edgar asked to be shocked confused, Lydia and Nico watching out the door.
"His argument I could not understand but I felt he left for the sake of Mr. Edgar."
"... .. I also feel the same."
Touching her cheek where he had been beaten, but pain could feel his strength.
I thought that maybe it was his way of showing their feelings.
Edgar felt amazing what Lydia had said. And I would do something incredible.
For the sake of Edgar, unexpectedly went to towards that direction, had been moved by that.
His detailed plan had destroyed, but had opened another way, now this was what I had to do.
"Lord Edgar."
Edgar left the room quietly and detaining called Raven.
"I can not be left alone to Lydia. Perhaps Graham's companions are hidden. "
"What we do with it?"
Was not aware of Graham.
"Leave it there."
More than revenge, should go to Lydia's side, realizing he had more important things.
The mysterious color of the eyes of the young, Edgar had not seen how valuable it was, what would she see?


There were shadows of people inside the boat, Lydia went back and forth. The place seemed to have been swept by a storm, Maybe Raven had stirred up the place?
It was not just to fight with men, Raven thought to find Edgar.
As an ax the doors were broken, instead of arresting Raven had probably fled.
Imagine a person without expression rock the place, I thought it truly was a living weapon.
Inside the boat, Lydia reviewed with caution, but could not find anywhere to Rosalie.
"Hey Nico, do not you feel anything?"
"What do you feel?"
"As odors."
"I'm not a dog."
At that time Lydia heard the screams of a girl.
"Over here!"
Lydia ran. Nico chasing, he said.
"Hey, be careful. "If there should be screaming someone else?"
Maybe you're right.
As suspected, rapidly approaching where the cries came.
On the way stopped at the corner, I felt that someone was fighting, taking a look, though the place was dark orange hair highlighted.
A fat man wearing a Rosalie.
"That man is the director of the place of Graham."
"Umm, with the uproar that led to Raven, maybe will be taken to another place? Hey, Lydia, what will you do? "
Nico turning to her, Lydia had grabbed a mop.
"Nico, here I come."
"Ehhh, silly, stop! If you risk a lot ... "
But she jumped sharply. Pointing the man's back, gave him the mop handle.
"Uwah ... ..!"
Raising his voice, stumbling man let go of Rosalie.
"This slut."
Annoyed said the man, took the mop and Lydia did not have time to collect it. Lydia had caught throwing it back.
At that time, Rosalie grabbed the man's foot. Falling man, and finally bit him.
Lydia quickly picked up the mop, and again struck him.
The man tried to flee crawling on the floor, mingling fell off the ladder close to the bottom of the boat.
"Quick, close the door!"
Finding it on the floor, raised both desperately.
With a sharp blow, shut the door, putting the lock, the man locked up screaming annoying but were no longer afraid.
Quickly separated from the place, in a quiet sigh of relief, both looking, relaxed the tension.
"Miss Rosalie," but sitting in the bottom of the boat? "
"Yes ... but suddenly came this man was taking me ..."
She remembered what he had done to Lydia there, back restless.
"Also, why are you here? That person ... Edgar was the place where I said you were ... It was to save her? "
"If that happened, but I came here to rescue her."
She made a face annoying. Separating the eyes of Lydia.
"Why does that. But I, I did a terrible thing ... ... .. "
"True, it was terrible."
"That's why, Edgar almost killed me!"
"It's true, That man is the worst! I felt he was used to threaten, with that sweet smiling face and still wanted to kill me. "
I might be able to do so. Picturing, Lydia was a little sad.
I sincerely thought was going to kill not just Edgar would gain nothing by doing so.
"... .... Yes, that man is the worst. Is that I always lie. "
"Lie. Does he perhaps is not your friend? He said he was going to rescue her, do not know what I did? Did not know you made a settling of scores? "
"It was wrong. Miss Rosalie know when it was locked, did not feel fear and insecurity? "
A little shoulders trembled, Rosalie looked up with fear.
"... ... I know, that's why, this thing happened, who is wrong just wrong."
"That's why we trust what I say. Understand what he thinks, I'm saved. "
Smiling happily, shook hands Lydia Rosalie.
"Well, come on. We still seek to Miss Doris, if not escape quickly, these bad guys may come. "
But she did not get the hand of Lydia, do you still have questions? Rosalie however, looked at Lydia.
Perhaps it was a problem with Doris.
"Doris is on this boat?"
"Maybe what I think. She also was locked in that store. After Graham Lord went to the store where we both brought to this ship. "
He saw the frightened face of Rosalie. Doris did not think I was in the store. But Graham was a criminal, understood to know what had happened.
"I knew that my uncle had locked Doris. As his family, trust in him, his goal was his goods ... ... .. "
Feeling insecure, Rosalie stood.
"I am not going to see Doris. I did many bad things, I said that would be good if she were not ... I did not know what happened, I thought I was in town with medical treatment. No notice no letter to visit, there was no information whatever, that somehow thought she was upset. "
"But Miss Doris, not angry with you. If you reconcile, no apology would be good. "
But Rosalie was surprised.
"I do not I have to excuse me. If it did, it would appear the loser. "
"That's not the problem ..."
"I can not let me hide things Doris. If I had said about my uncle, this had not happened. "
"But you, do not think she had done something wrong?"
"But I have to apologize for. In the accident at that very moment our parents died, I was protecting Doris. The girl who took care of that I was weeping. She alone was my friend, if I apologize, I will not say I'm nasty. If Doris does, she will separate from me. "
"I really want to monopolize it."
"It's that if Doris was not there, it's just that at 7 years, I lost my family, that child understands the same pain as me, if she was not ... ...."
"Good is better than fast rescue and get out of here."
"No I do not want to see, I will not apologize!"
Stubbornly refusing, she and Lydia were in danger, was selfish and bossy, did not know another way to make friends, if at any time told you it would break their friendship, do not be scared?
Standing, stubborn Rosalie did not move, Lydia could not do anything.
"I will seek to Miss Doris. Then, hide in that room. Okay? Take care that men do find Graham Lord. "
Rosalie did not respond, but had no time to lose.
Separating the girl, Nico watched in amazement the situation again would have to search for rooms.
"That complicated humans. It is rare that act. "
Nico whispered.
"That's right. It would clarify all if they say they want it."
But Lydia could understand the feelings of Rosalie. He was friendly but not allowed to receive it, I was afraid of hurting if he was betrayed by trust and expectations.
It was a young man who insisted on the fact that he saw the fairies, Lydia said that was odd, but she was not going to pay for what people had said.
Not only was she thought she wanted to be like her mother, the guilt of the fairy people received wounds to prove it wanted to give them advice, falsely accused or not wanted, only considered as a nuisance.
The ability of a fairy doctor, thought they were little understood, nobody liked it, might not be able to transmit that feeling, thought from the beginning would have been better to surrender.
Not only would be rare for people who did not recognize the existence of fairies, let her feel it was horrible.
... ... What would be with Edgar. Thinking at the time, thought Lydia was struggling with a careless and unusual.
But he really, would you think that the ability of Lydia was horrible?, Did not know.
Recognized it as a fairy doctor, treated her like a normal person was not cautious and not put duty to her.
On the other hand, was happy to treat her as a partner, if she was wanted to believe. But Edgar abandon the two girls without any liability. Not only his ability, wanted him to understand the feelings of Lydia. I did not want to stay without doing anything, so hit him and fought, Rosalie may not change.
Actually what I meant was more difficult than expected.
This great liar, perhaps, what I really meant I had not said.
Prince escaped, but could not tell people about his past crimes. I was thinking to avenge his comrades, could not explain to Lydia since she lived quietly in his world.
That's why he used lies, knowing the danger used to Lydia. At least worried, and thinking rescue.
I could not see the intentions of that person.
Not that I could not see it completely, sometimes I felt I could see, Lydia felt trapped.
Lydia Edgar caught with the conversation of "fairy egg" and fogman, rather than the purpose of making a decoy, perhaps I was just asking someone to succor, had to think in due course.
Being on the boat on the lake, when he said he wanted to rescue his dead friends from the fog, did that was not a true confession from him?
When he was dying when he found a small tale, and when he negotiated the agate was always waiting in the darkness to be rescued. Putting those images, the nature of the tale is not to break their promises, Lydia knew therefore, was not sentimentality?
Edgar 8 years to be negotiated with the fairies, he did not help, the reason was that did not fulfill their promise, it would in some way or another, take responsibility.
As Dr. tale, a broken promise, made them unhappy tale both as a person.
"Nico, do not listen to a few steps?"
Realizing the noise, Lydia stopped. But Nico did not reply.
"Hey Nico, where do you go?"
That cat scary, you could not count on him. Thinking, Lydia could feel a person again heeded. It was certain that the steps were closer.
Hiding in the bottom of the door, she felt pulled in the back.
"Ahhh ...."
"Silence. It's me, Lydia. "
Realizing that it was Edgar, swallowed.
Realizing someone who was nearby, was a sailor who was aboard, I knew it would happen and stared at him. He was one of his hands a large knife, was heard from his steps, which are not thought, her heart pounding.
Did not realize that the door was closed, I could not see in the dark, listening very closely in his footsteps approaching in the dark.
But he had gone, they kept their heartbeat. Edgar, Lydia was surrounded by his arms.
"He's gone."
"So let me go."
But he did not seem to want to release Lydia.
"If you loose in this darkness I can not find where you are."
"Should not you open that door?"
"It would be nice if you had been ... .."
"What do you mean?"
"The dream I saw a fairy that was you, at that time got me out of the darkness."
Were you to tell your side? Or maybe it was different, I just could not tell if his words were only to please.
It was dark he did not see his expression. The young man had not put much strength in his arms to do so with care to attach to Lydia. He felt he had heard a precious truth.
"... .... Then you take it."
Telling seriously, it needed a lot of courage to jump off the London Bridge. I thought he was going to laugh, apart from that he was meditating in silence.
Soon he murmured.
"I also refer to what happened 8 years ago."
Sighing made hair tickled. Lydia's heart was pounding, what to do, Edgar was asking for help and had not seriously considered.
"There is still time. I'll make the promise 8 years ago. The fairies that you looked, there was no reason to not fulfill their promise, the promise will be fulfilled without errors. That's why, they both seek to girls. You do not need revenge. It is not necessary to have him a grudge against anyone. Enough already, you can not continue the hatred is still alive. "
Not staying quiet, Lydia went to the door, Edgar slowly let go.
In the dark interior of the boat, opening the door, entered the light, felt that the light was dazzling.
"Why did not feel resentment towards Rosalie? In addition, over me. "
The light made between the boy's eyes closed.
Why would it be? That response, despite thinking it did not.
"But I, I was saved. When I was in the bottle, I still encouraging. When I was locked up I was not alone, not afraid of the dark I ended up if he hated anyone. "
Both left the road.
Edgar tormented face, not knowing if he felt something conversation with Lydia. But he would work to help Doris.
"Did you look around here?"
"Mmm, yet."
In conclusion Edgar, Graham had left there, and had continued to Lydia.
Perhaps he had not waived his revenge, but was next to Lydia.
It was shameless, he used to tease people, Lydia what I felt, what I really meant is that supposed correctly that the person was mysterious.
So Lydia accidentally thought it was shameful to say that.
It is possible that while Lydia talked seriously out of the depths of darkness, Edgar has found that entertaining, I wanted to believe I had understood, was not guilty because of his personality?
"Hey Lydia, how have you really love me, no?"
Naturally, I had to say that. Indeed it seemed funny.
Or ... ....?
Mmm, no matter how innocent it is, but I'm not stupid.
"Your parliament, I never believe."
He said it clearly, but Edgar laughed.
Many things had accumulated, Lydia at the time, had completely forgotten about another problem.


Nico had separated from the side of Lydia, had found a complication. The Bogey beast was jumping from one place to another. Despite deletion her figure, had quickly regained his form. Nico glanced quickly began to follow him.
"He is absolutely a problem."
Nico thinking about that moment, silently followed.
What situation was found? Was the girl with orange hair?
Checking the odor, twitching his nose, he went where he was Rosalie.
With the people who were inside the boat, muddy smell of the river Thames, smog, nasty mingling with the fog. He floated the scent of the city.
Rather than the smell, Nico was the humidity. If he was still, always felt growing up and weighed, their whiskers and fur.
Also today, no matter where in London he was surrounded by fog. There was no wind, but a heavy cold moisture around them.
When the spring wind blow?
(Ahh, my master calls me. If I do not scold me quickly.)
The Bogey whispering beast alone. Nico was listening.
(All, what I did that stripped cat monster.)
I am not a monster cat.
(But Dr. fairy is inside the bottle. They took his body, you can not get. On this boat, is the Earl Blue Knight. It is an excellent opportunity. When you bury the guy, and my lord will rise again. )
"The Blue Knight Earl? Are you talking about Edgar?
The Bogey Beast running from side to side inside the ship, would you be looking for Edgar? But he did not know that Lydia had been rescued.
The Bogey Beast, with whom the count related?
Did not understand anything, suddenly the beast Bogey, found the hidden room where Rosalie.
(Here comes the voice of my lord.)
"Voice? But Nico did not hear anything. The Bogey beast should be close to hear his voice, his master should be there, I thought as a kind of existence disturbing.
In a doorway, the Bogey beast slid inside. Nico also, through the door.
Rosalie was sitting near the circular skylight. Being close to the Bogey Beast, people not looking, said "my lord."
Sure, it was not his wife Rosalie. Who it be? Rosalie had in his hand a green stone.
"That will be your master?"
Nico knew it was a demon with great force. What was inside, I instinctively knew that would cause problems.
"That is, this is the lord of that stupid?
Beautiful nature, and had charming emergency and could not part with that stone.
(My Lord, forgive me for being late. No, sorry that he did expect. Right now, the girl will move. Aah What about the precursor? Yes, he fell into the trap. That fool, he slept your plant that you like and it was locked. It will not be any problem, do not worry.)
Precursor, What do you mean? "The enemy of the lord of Bogey beast? Meant it did not interfere with them. Dr. Lydia also like tale of the Count to be enclosed in the bottle had been Bogey plan stupid beast.
There was no time to praise.
Nico watching the Bogey beast jumped from one side to another, standing in front of Rosalie.
People could not see him popping figure.
(Ahh, miss. I was looking for her. Being stuck in this place, what does that happen?)
For a while the girl was called, quickly switch to a flattering tone. Rosalie was head down, looked up surprised.
"Fairy ... Where have you gone? My uncle made me shut up, I had many problems!, I called many times but do not show ... ... .. "

 (Excuse me, I had an accident, I fainted. Ahh, but I'm fine. From now you tell me, I will skillfully.)
"What should I do? If I found my uncle's colleagues, I again locked up. Inside the ship, could not fly nor swim. Quick call someone who rescue me. "
(For a while I saw that this boat is the count. I'm sure that will rescue the lady ... ... ..)
"What you say! Why is it here that man! No joke, I do not want for any reason come near me! "
(Eh, covered. Count is the ideal person for the lady ... ...)
"He'll kill me! Quickly, he changed his attitude ... Even my uncle, who was so kind, I will not trust men again! "
The Bogey Beast looked nervous, he realized that he wanted Rosalie approached Edgar.
The aim of the man who was inside the stone that had Rosalie was approaching, was to bury Edgar.
Rosalie as Edgar was in love, positively approaching, what was realized in the presence of the Earl Blue Knight, and began to move.
The goal was the Blue Knight Earl, without exception of any woman, he was the guy who had a good face, there was no doubt who was in the boat.
The Bogey Beast by his master, he used the girl as a pawn for the purpose of harming the count, being disappointed love, it was simpler to have it as an instrument.
(Ya. .., I see, Miss, if that happened, we can not allow this man BOUT to taste.)
The Bogey beast had found another way to use it.
(You should know it. Miss, this jewel has a magical power. If you use it, you can punish the man who ignored him.)
"Punishing ... ...?"
"Yes, let me handle it. Ahh, be careful not to throw out the "fairy egg" be fine, because you are brave. "
The interior of the stone, again was using the heart of Rosalie.
Being sealed however, if you had it for a long time, this had the force of his power to affect it.
Originally, people had a strong resistance could guard it.
Formerly the priests and nobles, were the kind suitable for the job and not receiving their influence, Rosalie seemed to be that a girl was easy to claim that influence for which she was a prohibited item that should not have.
But now she had in her hands.
The Bogey Beast of hastened, handling it with magical power, Rosalie stopped.
The sentiment to punish Edgar, betrayed, having had a hard time holding him afraid, this time had become a grudge.
This is wrong, Nico whispered.
"If that man does not know loquelehar é liar. S t L ydiaestar to ISIG involved.
 N icosali or antesqueellos.
 D eb t L ydia aavisarlea, or corriendoconsusdospat as I left.
 C A P I T U L O 7
 ] And yo0% f ° ~ k0n0c0f0
 (S hukufukuhaharukazenin otte / L afelicidadtraelabrisa spring)
 C ohn do Edgar and Lydia started walking in the dark passage, even though there were no Edgar noticed the presence of a nearby shadow.
Suddenly the shadow was in front of the sight of Lydia, scared screamed.
At the event, grabbed a pillar which was near her, "Excuse me" heard a calm voice.
Watching it was Raven.
"Me-me scared."
"Lydia, would it not have been good if you had embraced?"
No matter the situation, how do you make your parliament?
"... ... Instinctively want to avoid you!"
Looking away, Raven had returned after being separated from them, meant that there was no place for jokes. Edgar quickly turned to look meek face Raven.
"Lord Edgar, several boats are moored. I think several of the men come from Graham. "
"I understand. Let's hurry. "
"For there is Lady Doris."
The guide was where he was Doris.
"How do you know?"
"At the bottom of the boat I heard Graham's subordinates scream. Inside the ship, there was an uproar, so that outsiders did not discover what had happened, they would take them to a more calm. "
What would happen with Rosalie and such. At that time, to search for hidden Doris Rosalie left, separating Lydia went on.
Raven walking, handed the gun to Edgar he had left it where Graham. Then he looked at Lydia.
"Miss Lydia Ah, forgot this."
Raven offered canning.
"This, this is not like my gun."
But Raven, believed it was necessary that she received, which is why I had it.
"Lydia will be a nuisance to have it and walk with her, so I will take it."
Having said that Edgar persuaded him to hand over the preserve.
Again walking swiftly followed Raven but could not keep pace.
"Lydia, can you run?"
At the same moment he replied, Edgar grabbed her wrist. The three running, one voice was heavy traffic.
"It hurts, over here!"
Someone had shouted.
"Lord Edgar, go to where that man."
"I understand, leave it to myself. Where is Miss Doris? "
"Down the hall. At the back of the store where the packages are found a hidden door. "
At the same moment in which Edgar nodded. Raven turned around.
Lydia and Edgar, moved quickly again. Boisterous voice ceased the fund had reached perhaps Raven.
Graham's comrades, how many would have a total inside the ship? Raven "would be fine?
Lydia from the beginning acted recklessly.
Edgar had shouted annoyed not to leave Doris and Rosalie, "would save both? "Edgar and Raven do not expose to danger?
Edgar forgive not their way of thinking, but originally it rather than save them in his plans to make his revenge by going alone to the ship, was unexpectedly.
"What is it, Lydia? Are you afraid? "
But if the two girls left, I thought it would take a heavy burden on the shoulders.
Before the ship does not sail and would have shaped them out of there, both girls did not want to prolong the terrible situation they encountered.
Edgar did not want to let the girls.
Not only that, had the expectation that some of Edgar was not evil, Lydia shook her head sharply.
"I have no fear, I will tell you that I am very stubborn."
"And it was before."
"You're wrong, that was reckless ... ... .. I know but I have no regrets. "
"I always I have no regrets. My biggest crime is to be alive. "
Why did that happen, it was as if I had not said anything, but Lydia felt the heaviness of that meaning, disoriented.
"Not true."
"If I were not, perhaps my colleagues are now alive. Ermine also ... And Raven, the instinctive urge to kill people, if he had that confidence with me, I think the same might have been a way to control yourself. "
"But the other and you, do not want to release the domain of the prince?"
Unlocking ..., Raven is the only one left. "
"Do you think it would have been better than your colleagues had lived as slaves? That's why not now. Offers them their freedom. At least, do not you taught them that they were not tied to anything? "
Looking directly Edgar, Lydia had spoken his mind, long ago few times, was thinking about that.
In the back of the warehouse where the shipments were stacked, spoke for itself.
"I think so. But sometimes, I feel that I can not ... ... .. "
At the bottom of the passage where shipments were, as he had said Raven was there a door.
"This is? Seems to have key. "
Edgar regained consciousness, and it seems that the conversation was over, Lydia only nodded.
The boy in his pocket pulled out a fork, using as a key to open it.
If he had lived as a noble had not acquired this skill.
Glancing through the open door, rather than resemble a room resembled a small closet, Doris were in that place.
"Miss Doris, wake up."

Earl and Fairy---Book 2 PART 6

"Therefore, the Graham plan to sell it. What man? "
"I do not know."
In reply, suddenly had a hunch.
8 years ago, Edgar had been sold here. In summary, Graham had him as a slave. Perhaps Graham, had benefited from Edgar and others to be sold as white slaves.
If this also happens to Lydia, perhaps it would be sold to the prince?
"What we do, Nico."
Taking her hand to Lydia who was inside the bottle, hid behind him. He could hear sounds in front of the door.
In the dark indicated that people had entered. He could hear footsteps in the store.
Shining the flashlight around, we observed the shadows of the people.
"There is nobody."
"We're late."
It was the voice of Edgar. It was with Raven.
Had he come for?
But being in this way did not want to find as well.
Lydia looked behind Nico.
"Graham Lord will come here?"
"Raven, there is a dropped handkerchief."
Raven took it.
"He says bordaje D. W. "
"Doris Waltpaul ?....... Here at Graham store, had locked up here a Lady Doris? "
Wait a minute, Lydia thought. They had no doubt in appointing Graham. Had they realized that Doris's uncle had locked up?
Since when? He also wanted to know, why had told Lydia that this tale was?
"So, Miss Lydia is found along with the baroness?"
"There is a possibility."
Edgar meditating in the dark also highlighted her blonde hair. Taking her coat, her slender figure leaned against a pillar slightly dirty, and this severely sighed.
"If the prince give anything I can do. I have to retrieve it from the port of London, before leaving the ship. "
Is the Prince?
When Graham had said "that man" definitely related to the "prince." If Edgar knew something ... ... ....
Lydia had a bad feeling.
"I should not have to use Lydia as a decoy."
"But Mr Edgar, this situation was inevitable. Graham not only knew about the ability of Miss Lydia, if he was with Miss Doris, of course, would be abducted. "
"I know, even knowing it, such severely confined Lydia and will sell it to the prince."
"Do you mean by bait! Edgar Wait, do you expect Lord Graham kidnap me? "
Lydia screamed unconsciously.
"... ... ... Lydia?"
"I do not think that a place like this can have hidden someone ... ...."
Saying that Raven, Edgar looked at the corners having people thinking that there would be hidden, but found a gray cat was carrying a bottle.
"Nico? The voice of now ... it was not yours. "
"What do Lydia?"
Nico muttered, leaving the corner.
"I have no choice, I have to explain, it seems you can hear my voice."
Would you believe it? With carelessness, Nico stood in front of Edgar, putting his head above the glass bottle.
"But first, Edgar, I need you tell me your hand, on the lure!"
Looking down where Lydia's voice out of the bottle, the boy frowned, blinking repeatedly.
"Raven, do you see anything?"
Turning to see Raven.
"Why do not you scared of what you see?"
"You sometimes see strange things."
"Hey, I'm not a rare thing."
"If you allow me Lord Edgar, wants to tell you that something is inside."
"Tell me, do you see a little Lydia?"
"More or less that is what I see."
"About what? They stop playing! "
"Lydia, but what happened to you?, Why are you like that?"
Edgar taking the bottle, the situation seemed to interest him, trying to remove the lid.
"Ahhh, stop! If you open the lid, die! "
"Huh?" Why? "
"You see, not my body, Lord Graham has it. If you are the body and the soul is separated, the soul will have nowhere to go, disappearing into the air. "
The stunning, detached his hand from the top.
"So if we do not recover your body, your soul will be inside the jar, and you can not go back to your body."
Lydia nodded.
"Lord Edgar, then the first thing to do is negotiate with the person."
"That's right. Raven, watching until you reach the hotel Lord Graham. Then listen on your credit. If you find Rosalie in the Room, Doris and Lydia will go to the boat. It will be determined to sell them."
"Rosalie ... What happened? Do not tell me, what did you do? "
But Edgar, ignored him and continued talking to Lydia.
"After that, we must use every means to make the boat can not sail and arrest them all."

In the visiting room of the house of the count, like a lamp on the table, Lydia was on silent in a bad mood.
"Are you upset?"
Edgar was sitting in a beautiful ebony chair, looked at her in bewilderment, Lydia ignoring it, sat on his knees.
Hearing the truth, it was obvious to be annoying.
From the beginning, to take revenge on the men who had surrendered to the prince, Edgar had used Lydia.
The reason for the disappearance of Lady Doris was for Graham, if there was an opportunity that pointed toward Lydia, Edgar Graham led to put his eyes on her.
Graham knew that he sold stolen goods and people, making negotiations with the Prince, taking Dr. tale a special ability, would think that would sell at a good price.
His plan was to meet up with Graham at the Cremorne Gardens.
We also have the sympathy of Rosalie, using it for revenge.
Edgar when she went to the store, Rosalie had gleaned from information on the whereabouts of Lydia. But Rosalie, was not the kind of guy you listened, that rare thing be done to remove the information.
For the fragments of the conversation, Graham was also to sell to Rosalie, only imagined it would be dangerous place to stop, but only just.
Were close and were together, but it was only to use it. What people thought they were? In fact, he was the worst.
Not only lies, hide everything he said, fooling people. I'd say just fine words, with the sole motive to deceive.
What to deceive was not recently, why unnecessarily Lydia wanted to do that creates a bit, looking for sympathy.
"I did not mean that you were in danger. I have no intention that people will put a finger on him. "
"Do not listen to what you say."
Saying it loudly, he was silent
Lydia was hungry, little by little she felt depressed.
If your body was still asleep, it was natural to give him no food.
"Are you cold?"
Lydia had not noticed, I was rubbing shoulders.
"Maybe ... .... Only wearing a shawl. "
"Want to be close to the mantelpiece?"
"I think it will be useless."
"I see."
Thinking a little, Edgar, took it with both hands the bottle.
"The soul of the people, I wonder if the soul of each is thus so small?"
"Who knows. But I did not think it would be my own image. I wonder, why did I not more beautiful? "
"Lydia but if you're beautiful."
"I flatter, because now I'm angry ... Wait, what are you doing?"
And that way, he embraced the bottle where it was Lydia.
"I think in this way you warmed up."
"No I told you it was useless. My body, insurance is being taken to a cool, dark place. "
Lydia saying, Edgar perhaps stretched a horrible memory.
Lydia at least, loneliness, insecurity and despair, he had not lived and felt but could not stir being alone in a dark warehouse, being locked in an unknown place, just to think that was awful.
When Rosalie locked her in the short time they had to calm down after desperate, calling someone, the uncertainty was unbearable.
"Have a little patience. Surely will rescue you. "
He could not see the expression of the boy, but felt the truth in his voice. Getting that feeling, a strong oath that emitted from his words, was very similar to the decision that was revenge.
Looking at your finger gently rub the bottle, Lydia felt like I was playing his own body.
She was angry with Edgar, but he felt like a girl when she rubbed her head making her feel safe.
Lydia help, no doubt.
He would not forgive his enemy, he was witty with words to use to others. But friends, it would die protecting them.
Only Lydia, was at a middle ground.
He was a used, but it was enough to be protected.
He had no other way of thinking. For him, his teammates were like, had shared the same suffering they had gone through the same experiences where there was no justice or beautiful things.
Now only was Raven.
Looking back, more should have been a decoy, Edgar's feelings were hurt that Lydia's heart.
"You know, over revenge, what do you do to Lord Graham?"
What would you do? How far would?, Lydia asked him with great force.
"Is there no other way than just revenge? Do you think there is another way to correspond to your friends dead? "
"Do you think there's another way?"
"I said, that help young people who were lost in the fog."
"That was ... ..., just a mush. No matter if you're a fairy doctor, can you help people dead? "




 "It's true. But you're alive. "Those are not the words of one of these young people? No matter how many people, these young people had the same suffering, I heard of Raven. You also are not included? "
"As is."
With a tone of sloppiness, he felt a weak mixture of concern. The same disgust felt that only he was still alive.
"Truly, I am not the person who is needed to be rescued, right?"
He did not answer.
"You still, you're in the mist. That's why, you do not want to receive the sacrifice of friends ... .... But if you keep your revenge against Graham Lord, I think in that way you will not be saved. "
Lydia felt that Edgar had sighed weakly. It seemed that it had not yet understood.
"Although these small, there is nothing wrong. I want you with me always. "
"Ehhh, I do not want! I have cold, my body takes a disease, you will do! "
If Edgar and Lydia would like a pet and would not allow. Lydia was really complaining.
"It's a joke. In truth, I do not want a cold bottle, I embrace your true body. To touch you, I want to check your heat. But if that happened, I think I'd come out Slap and run. "
Do that.
But Lydia was a little small it was nice to be inside the bottle.
If not for that, being annoyed at being was a decoy, had not wanted to be near Edgar.
The carried with despair and sadness, that she had not had the opportunity to touch it.
Having embraced the glass bottle, Lydia a moment ago, felt that Edgar was crying.
In his silent heart, for the sake of his dead friends there was nothing more than revenge, moaning to himself.
He was arrogant and had confidence in itself, was the guy who could not see his weakness at the death of someone. She had been sad and depressed, was only part of their calculations.
But now, it was real. However, being close to him when he seemed to be crying, I felt it would be nice to exchange some words.
He recalled what he had said Raven.
Anyone who depended on him, if the only one who had to get up I would. That's why he, for the sake of the struggle renounced all gloom and sadness, Lydia had nothing to do with that and seemed to be engaging, but the weakness did not hate him, he meant that.
Although it was a decoy, and has encountered danger, he could not hate him and he was perhaps enjoyable. However.
Being Bogey been enclosed by the beast, fairy as a doctor had made a stupid mistake, I thought it was necessary to Edgar, he would at least even for a moment to help him, I thought it was good that now he was obedient.
Through the glass, leaned his cheek against the young man's shirt was not allowed to live.
It was strange, she felt the young man spent his heat.

Despite being only one soul, you could sleep.
Realizing he had been sealed in the bottle until the morning.
Lydia wanted to have at least some sheets and pillows in this situation. I knew it was useless, that came to the nerves.
Nothing was going well but was softened, Lydia rising, it seemed the situation funny.
Her body was so heavy that he could not move.
Of course really was not his body, like lead, half body felt that. Based on the glass bottle, Lydia had a headache.
Suddenly it seemed to go away feeling insecure. For a person having only his soul was a very unstable situation, what would happen to your body?
Lydia looked inside the room, from the perspective of Lydia was no one around.
"Edgar, ... ... .. Where are you? "
"Hey hey, what happens? Why do you call this guy distinguished? "
The gray cat, looked at her in front of you without blinking.
Nico at night, had returned home. Deceiving his father, that Lydia had gone to the party of an acquaintance who was completely drunk and staying at her house. I did not want to worry his father, not wanting to see her that way.
"No matter how much say the Count, will not help you find your body."
"Do not say weird things ... I feel a little bad, I asked only that I do ..."
"How do you feel? Lydia, this is bad. "
Nico was serious walking with two legs.
"What is wrong?"
At this time Edgar entered the room. Lydia realized that she was exhausted at the bottom of the jar, and looking so worried.
"What is it, Lydia?"
She knew what was happening, Nico answered for her.
"You know humans can not live alone with their souls. If you separate from a long time your body, like the demon that is enclosed gradually lose its vitality. "
"What? Then we must hurry. "
Being bewildered, Edgar had not been aware that I was talking to Nico.
"So, you know where Lydia has locked, this guy Graham?"
"You have not seen where they have led to Lydia but still pointing to the ship. But there is a complication, such pier, half of the investment as the Baron family, so I wanted to confiscate it ... .... "
"Ahhhh, it is time to teach a trick on how to remove companies to humans. Abridge. "
"In short, in order to stop the boat, on average it is also difficult."
"Huh? But if you're a thief. You have a weapon, fight and do a robbery. "
"You've misunderstood, I have not done this thing so vulgar."
"Perhaps a thief does things vulgar and refined!"
"Sorry ... but if you called the police about Lord Graham about his evil deeds."
Lydia's proposal, took a long time, "said Edgar.
I did not know until he could stand, I felt I was not going to endure one more day. Lord Graham was the kind that anyone could not agree, so it was necessary to gather evidence that is true, and the police are not going to work right away.
"Then count, no time think of another solution."
Edgar musing of the time, responded.
"I understand, let's do it the other way."
"If I'd presumed that way now."
"I was thinking about how to do it, so there is no other."
He called his steward, to go out to communicate something. He handed a note, what would have written in haste?
"In addition to Tompkins, tell him I need Raven."
He saw that Edgar had hidden a gun inside his coat, Lydia breathed hard.
Feeling her own breath, Edgar was risking its own good.
In this way, he always should be decided.
It is possible to decide forever the lives of the people who were at his side, toward everything possible to lead a better way.
"Lydia resists. Surely will rescue you. "
Aweigh with them in hand the bottle, he could see the profile of the young, it was like a gentleman who went to the site of the battle, violet-gray eyes showed a determination.
Those words, that determination was not always a good outcome. In reality the young man, had lost many of their comrades.
No matter how many times out, should have said those words. However, doing it that way, take this decision in the head, so I had said.
A lie had become a promise, she carried it with determination.
The beautiful color of your eyes, and a beautiful person.
He was behind the girls, there was no doubt that it was a nice guy, who was skilled with words, he possessed that ability to conquer the heart, but for a moment he felt that he had seen the inside of the young.
Of noble origin. Merciless. A cad with women. He had the charisma of a leader.
Really, what of all was this person?
Really it was all true Edgar?
If indeed it was, she did not understand it. Why all desperately toward her?
"You know ... you're good at everything?"
Inside the carriage, holding his difficult breathing Lydia asked.
"Of course."
Edgar replied immediately.
"... Lie."
"Do not worry, leave everything to me."
That too was a lie. I had this conviction, he could not say that for the person to not feel insecure.
"Saying that, you have made a mistake, right?"
"I like Lydia."
"I ..., you've managed to calm down, but do not trust you. If you can save me, do not expect a thank openly. ... Is that the responsibility was all yours. "
"Saying that, if you saw me die, would you think only that I am a villain?"
"... I do not know, I know almost nothing about you. ... I'm not your mate, to the moment of truth "would not think to leave me? Okay let me. For me the thing is ... I do not like, if you make a mistake, you remorse, which is unbearable for you. You used me, so I do not want your pity. I do not want to hurt you. I mean I would not be a burden. "
Being confused, Edgar turned her head to one side, and began to laugh.
"Thank you, Lydia. You made me feel better. "
"... I confused, I mean, is that I hate you ...!"
That was a lie.
I did not want to take full weight on his shoulders.
In truth he meant, but could not say it, but Edgar had understood.
"But I can not leave you. We both completed, do not feel that we are part of the fairy of fortune? "
I wonder the same thing. Thank you, I had no luck at all.
However, just understand the duty of a fairy doctor, who understood people, was not that be lucky?
"So Lydia, I do not want to leave me. Do not give up, we both have to fight. "
He was a stranger. Did not know how she was disappointed in the manner of conducting it.
But Lydia, although it was a decoy and was upset, he felt that he had no intentions of harming him.

Soon the carriage was in the direction of the office of Lord Graham.
Edgar stopped the carriage shortly before, awaiting the arrival of Raven, I was not sure they were talking, back again, under the carriage with the bottle of Lydia in her hand.
Nico was following.
Upon entering the office, met with a man who was presented to Edgar, saying it represented the Director.
"I do not want to talk to you. Call Graham Lord. "
"Here I am in charge. Anyway, what you want to talk? "
"You think I'm a nobody? Do you consider yourself a fool? "
Certainly had a way of a noble difficult to treat with disdain Edgar looked intimidating big man in middle age.
"No, for his course not. Is that the owner, is very rare to come by. Excuse me, Sir ... ... "
"Tell the count has been Ashenbert."
"Excuse me, Lord."
"If it comes quickly, I think it will regret."
"... .... What does it mean?"
"I know you have taken something."
The man lost his serenity, is taken to another room.
Miró arrived shortly Graham Lord, You said he was not there?
Graham's debts, both bank credits and the casino, fully Edgar had bought. The delay in returning the money, by guilt of Edgar recovered a single stroke all the property of Lord Graham was in power from him.
But Edgar was a false name for a reason, but Graham had only to do it only for their sake, quickly understood him.
However Graham naturally, despite having stolen his property that was defending himself, hiding the shipping company of the predictions of Edgar, and he was leading his guest.
"Count," I can be of any help? "
Graham was presented to the visiting room, pretending calm, fatigued by the situation.
"I would say many things, maybe I should be fast, is impolite of me to say this but I would like to return to my doctor tale."
It was extremely straightforward. Lydia wondered if this conversation would go well, the increasing languor, realizing the situation, in his opinion should not lose your temper, which had chosen the way Edgar had left in charge.
"What is he saying. If I wear something, is falsely accusing me, does my niece did something that bothered? "
"This is business. Do not have any interest? "
Edgar arrogant, sat cross-legged. Graham standing, obviously it was firing at the door, but he continued.
"I'm saying I want to buy."
"Of course, my doctor tale."
"What do you mean? From the beginning the count, if we are talking about the girl who is the adviser to his house, is not it strange that we are talking about buying and selling it? If he were selling, would be a crime. "
"Excuse me, but I'll be fast. More than that, I have a reason to which I am negotiating with you. If the conversation is rare or a crime, in this moment I do not care. Someone stole my jewelry, and are selling for profit, and in order to regain my jewel, I will pay the right price. "
"He says some funny things. But it is a shame, but you should know that for me there is only one jewel ... .... "
Probably, Graham was what he needed money, again with caution, were rejecting the proposal for Edgar. It was unclear what he had said.
"What we are concerned, is that I do not meet those requirements. But Graham Lord, there are many people who know that jewel. I would intervene. "
"Well ... okay."
Self-important, you saw that thought with a shrug.
"They are valuable for their rarity, it is favorable to have connections. But there is no easy job, many times you have to cross a dangerous bridge, and if we succeed can get a high price. "
"I see."
Edgar stimulated the same calm.
"And one thing, as we are in discussion, breaking the law, that strictly should stay a secret."
You have a habit of breaking the law.
"I understand. After all we should get together where the power is. I seek not what I want to fight me you know it, please i want to do the negotiation. "
"Then another thing. Count Excuse me, can you afford it? "
Abducted people also asked a lot of money. Forgetting his pain, Lydia was upset, unfortunately, did not have the strength to complain.
"How much do you want?"
Graham had said an excessive amount. Lydia did not imagine, it was possible he could spend all that money for it.
"Now take me there where Lydia and I will pay."
Huh? Edgar ... ... .. No matter how much change this enormous amount of money. Yo, can I not give it back in my life ... ...
"That .... is complicated. Wait here please. "
"It would be a shame. If I wait here, it may be too late, and not pay a dime. "
"Lydia is sick. If you are still sleeping, so it will be too late. "
"... .... I see, then apurémonos. It would be a problem. Even taking it, what if we arrive late? "
Lydia shuddered, negotiation, remained strangely calm.
"If that happens, you will not have any responsibility. Note. "
Having said that Edgar, he would not delay a minute to return Lydia's soul to his body.
But Graham, as Edgar said, were heading to where he had hidden the girl kidnapped, because he wanted to protect their own interests. However, it was true that the negotiations had concluded.
In any case, Graham, eagerly wanted a lot of money compared to the risk, in conclusion, choose the money.
Listening to the sound of the pen while Edgar signed a paper, Lydia was sad.
Why would he do this?, Did not understand.
If it were not Lydia, if England were still looking for the existence of fairies doctors. If you pay that amount, would not after financial problems?
In general, it was clear he did not need a fairy doctor in the house of the Count.
"Count, then take it to you alone. Your servant will have to wait. "
Raven could not carry. On reflection, he realized that Edgar could be dangerous in a negotiation, Lydia lost his nerve.
They would go to where Lydia was confined, Edgar would come alone, he thought Graham had done it all very easy.
"Well. We can not waste time."
And Edgar was in his arms preciadamente the bottle where Lydia was, Graham said.
"Please, leave the gun."
Edgar obediently inside his coat, pulled out his gun and dropped it on the table.
"By the way, that bottle you have?"
"It's just an empty bottle."
Edgar laughed slightly as he answered. Graham could not see Lydia, with a strange expression, also had another reason to ask something else.
Edgar was a stranger. He saw the fairies but was sensitive to the reality that was the Lord of Raven, admitting that this had a pixie inside, had no doubts about the ability of Lydia, did not think that Nico could speak, but understand the words him.
For Lydia, he quietly was insensitive, but more than anyone, he had understood.
Lydia was in despair thinking he would die that way, just as he felt desperate.
For a young man, he would represent a kind gentleman. That kindness was not to last for long. Anyway, to have made a lure, one that would be wrong preciadamente was like a princess.
Lydia Edgar was present to retain his consciousness. If you made a mistake, your soul would disappear.
If that happened, again would torment his shoulders, but now he was a bit presumptuous.
Leave of Raven, and Raven Edgar climbed into the carriage. He felt a presence following them since Nico was gone, wait a bit longer, Lydia heard Edgar was animating.




                                                                      B0D0d0n0! QHa j0 ² `© _ <
 (A itsunomujihinafukushu u / L aimplacablevenganzade é l)
 E ralaentradaal I Mperia Nico B rit. E ndo alosobjetosdetodoelmu raelpuertoquereun í, í losbarcosibanyven t or T anpasandoporelr love.
 E raund í anubladosinviento, was wrapped in smog elclima mixing with the cold fog of London, the black shadows floating like spirits. In the colonies had brought immense fortune unlimited leaving nothing in its path.
In the dams, were formed in line stores and transport carriage, passing the charges within the cloud liked his figures resembling the figure of fogman, an incoherent Lydia was just imagining things.
Soon the carriage stopped near the dock. Hence boarded a boat, passing many boats anchored.
Then Graham, Edgar taught a large model sailboat.
They were surrounded by strong men, looked with hostility, he felt he was surrounded by a group of wolves. But Edgar did not change the color of his face. Rather, they returned a look oppressive, the air was thin I was a young lion, to which wolves cowered.
It felt like watching a worthy person and full of personality, Lydia felt insecure again.
Edgar had said he would rescue Lydia, but he, a part of it did not seem to see people standing at his side.
But perhaps Lydia, did not hate the Edgar dangerous, but thought it allowed him to look at him with a look cruel.
He had seen the sadness of the boy, why could not hate?
She was confused. Perhaps even now, Edgar would be plotting something.
For one, being inside the ship of his enemy, his goal was to rescue Lydia, but thought his goal was not only that.
In conclusion, in the worst situation, if there is anything you would use to use.
But Lydia thought to stop doing what he wanted with it.
Although upset, there was no way to hate.
The large number of bodyguards did not rise to the boat, Graham in the shadows going up the stairs to the bottom where they were the rooms.
Suddenly he stopped, cautiously opened a door, and they entered the room.
"So where is my jewel?"
Saying it gradually became impatient, Lydia was so exhausted that it was red.
"Going through that door."
Graham pointed to the back of the room where he was a door.
He believed that had the horrible job as store, but it all seemed a simple room.
Edgar approaching the door. Wanting to open it, he realized that was locked.
"The key?"
Saying this, he felt something behind his back, turning carefully.
Lydia glanced quickly that Edgar Graham was pointing a gun.
"Graham Lord, what is that?"
Was that expected?, Edgar asked pretending innocent.
"Count, do not underestimate me. No matter what name you use, you was the one who took my property. "
"Oh, and where did it based on?"
"Rosalie said. That was you who seized the hotel, also seems to have been investigating. What is planning? "
"Rosalie ... I see. He said he was going you might help but do not be embarked on a slave ship for? That was the beginning of their plans, that she would use the money Waltpaul, to keep and then make it disappear, right? "
Why do all that for money? As the guardian of both was not his duty to look after them ... ... ..
Doris is also found in dark, sure would cry. But the Fort Rosalie, no doubt he would be scared.
But Lydia, I could not do anything. Being unsure of which little by little his figure was going to fade, she was still breathing and had to continue to be aware.
"Earl, it seems that he knows too much. Would not you like plunging into the Atlantic Ocean? Since there bodies can not be found. "
Edgar approaching with a gun, Graham pulled the trigger.
"Lydia, I'm sorry."
Apologizing suddenly thought of a moment that would, Edgar threw the bottle.
I said I could leave, but.
He thought it would clash sharply with the wall. But Lydia was seized by a generous coat.
"Nico ... ... ...."
But, was paralyzed by the sound of a gunshot.
The lamp was broken by the fall. At that time, Edgar Graham was fighting to remove the weapon.
Again he heard a gunshot.
Then, men feeling the shots, rushed into the room.
Nico taking the bottle is hidden under the desk.
"Nico, kill Edgar."
"What should I do?"
"This ... but ..."
I had a good physique but saw that Graham was separated from Edgar, holding tightly the neck and the forearm.
At that moment, inclined men fell to the ground.
Escondida Lydia watched the front of the table quickly crossing a black shadow. Hovering like an ax, jumped the gun from the hand of Graham. That shadow, was fighting with another man.
It was Raven.
At first glance appeared to be a fine young man, he heard the voice of a burly bodyguard as he fell to the ground.
Moreover, Graham picked up a knife that was in the hands of one of his subordinates who was on the floor, stopping went on his way to Edgar.
"Lord Edgar!"
Raven only concerned with Edgar, a man jumped behind him.
Then suddenly, turning Raven quickly kicked.
The giant man's body fell and destroyed the back door.
"Nico, Lydia is fast."
Reacting to the voice of Edgar, Nico sprang to the door destroyed.
Lydia found her body lay on a simple bed.
Nico went to his body, when he opened the lid, Lydia lost consciousness.

Does your soul recognize your body?, That's what I wondered.
Lydia felt silence around him, and slowly opened his eyes.
As expected he could move his body, faintly recalled waking up the movement of half of his body.
The room was cluttered with broken objects, Graham's bodyguards were on the floor without moving. They were stopped just 3 people.
Raven Graham pointed the gun at his back, grabbed the neck Edgar Graham, realizing that Lydia had opened his eyes broke away from his enemy.
"Lydia," you come back? "
With disheveled hair, approached her with a helpless smile, strangely Lydia wanted to hug him.
If you to feel embarrassed, looking away from him.
Realizing that his knee was the cat fairy sighed with relief, then, hugged Lydia Nico.
"Nico, thank you ..."
"It's nothing. Lydia, and for. Ruffled my hair. "
Nico hated to be touched like a cat. It was thought a wonderful gentleman and he did not pat him like an animal. But Lydia knew not to part with Nico, and struggling with the desire to embrace Edgar.
"You know, how such situations should not I be getting a hug?"
Discontent, Edgar picked up his blond hair.
Perhaps now, he had this urge to do it, but I would feel ashamed and it's disorienting.
"It's that hold would be dangerous."
Raven said it would be nice but I could not believe that. If this situation does not occur now have the strength to beat him.
Thinking again, what really had said Raven was, no matter how many beautiful words he says, a girl would not look that, because that would not matter.
As I thought, was now in that situation.
"... But I'm grateful that I'd saved. Thanks ... "
Suddenly Edgar, looked at his face closer to her.
"Your face is a little red. Are you ill? "
"It is, I'm fine."
Avoiding his eyes, involuntarily lifted Nico, that having near Edgar, was a nasty meow.
Smiling bitterly, Edgar separated from Lydia and Nico, coming back to Graham.
"Hey, do you think this will end well?"
Graham spoke strongly.
But Edgar, Raven asked.
"Raven," off the ship? "
"I dropped the ladder. Those who fled called their friends, but that would be very slow. So people who stayed inside, almost just might jump into the river. "
Answering Raven took a paper payment, and Edgar broke it into pieces by pulling the ground. It seems that the roles had changed, Raven grabbed forces to Graham.
"We could not make the contract. By the way Graham, is a conversation that we're not done. "
"Conversation? At what conversation you mean? "
"On hidden assets."

Earl and Fairy---Book 2 PART 5

He was the coach stopped right around the corner. Waiting Rosalie, gave an order to Lydia "up" and Lydia did as she requested.
"The Arab servant of the Count said he had picked up the stone and I had given it."
Raven was not Arabic, thinking a little, not so she knew it was silent.
"If I kept it. But Miss Murray, do you know anything about this? "
"It's a magic stone, ask anything you wish to make it so."
The carriage began to move.
"Where do we go?"
"I want a quiet chat with you. Miss Lydia, do you want to tell me something, is not it? "
No Bogey saw the figure of the beast inside the carriage.
"First, can you return the stone?"
Sure, it was Lydia's membership, so I gave it to Rosalie.
"Sorry, since when you have this fairy? Perhaps it is, how when you got that rock? "
"No, I remember many years ago I received. This stone is the fairy egg. It seems that was at the time of incubation but a fairy be born here. The owner is the purpose that this helps. That's what they say. "
It's called the "fairy egg" but that a fairy is born of that agate is impossible. Because of its interior does not have the strength to leave.
From the outset, it seems that the beast had deceived Bogey Rosalie. I wanted to tell but, at that time felt that Rosalie was serious, I thought it was safe to say that.
Anyway, the beast Bogey what he knew about the agate, did come close to Rosalie. The plot he was concerned that the fairy egg.
"Miss Rosalie, what way did he get this stone?"
The girl quickly darkened his face.
"The person who gave you the stone, did you know that that person was a nobleman?"
"... Do you mean?"
He said sternly.
"Only, this fairy egg meets the wishes of its owner, I think there is such an object, that's what I heard from its previous owner."
"No, I'll show you something. The previous owner did not benefit the fairy egg. Naturally, I had it in his hands, but because he had stolen. "
"You say stolen? Really? "
"This is not only what I think. That's why I chose the fairy to bring it to me. Soon we will arrive, that is the meeting place. There we can continue the conversation. "
Being at night, was out again mist. The place where he had stopped the carriage was on the bank of the river, old buildings was not used, were heading to a store, and Rosalie entered. Lydia came following her, there was dust and spider webs. At the height was only one circular window, it was dark and musty.
Opening a small room, Rosalie stood in a wilderness.
"Perhaps it has been eight years. Here was this boy. Dressed in dirty clothes to be a ladroncillo looked like a tramp. Suddenly I understood. He had been caught because he had done bad things. "
"Hey, wait a minute. Do not you mean ... "
"So I decided. Both limbs were thin, the boy saw me with a face that said he had not done anything wrong. Usually, you saw that he was a child of the suburbs, do not think she had again stolen this child? "
He came quickly to conclusions, for that miss the world revolved around you, you may not think of anything else.
"That boy asked us to rescue him. He had been trapped. But I realized that the boy was wearing a stone, asked us to help you and you delivered, but that beautiful jewel, not a cheap thing. Regardless of how you think the child had stolen. It was necessary to help a thief. That's what I said. "
"That child, do not bother?"
"Who knows, it appeared that was okay. But Doris, was concerned that there was retaliation. "
Was together with Doris?
"Doris is afraid of fogman, is the child's fault. I had nightmares of the boy, whispered the fogman, and believed she was going to take. "
The dirty warehouse, and two beautiful girls. They looked like fairies ...
Thinking Lydia, the young while lying in the soil.
Touching soil dust.
Citing Edgar's past, had that feeling.
From the depth of the haze, counting the time passed.
He thought of nonsense. Thinking about it. Edgar had been right there, right now, what does he think of those two girls?
He really did not believe in fairies. At that time looked as if they were but after thinking about it realized that they had been people.
Anyway, he had given them the agate girls. All he wanted to check, to deliver the object to the two unknown girls, no matter if they were fairies or human, wanted a chance to be rescued.
But not only was rescued after several years without anyone's help was able to flee.
He had to pay a lot of sacrifice.
Agate delivered to him girls, he knew both Rosalie as Doris.
... Unbelievable, is he already knew?
That's why, were you looking for the whereabouts of Lady Doris? And is why I spoke with Lydia on fogman and "fairy egg?
Ehhh, wait a minute.
What planned to Edgar? His intentions were not to seek a Lady Doris.
He felt the wind to move the door, turned Lydia. And watched as the door closed, outside at the time, heard the shutter sound.
"Miss Rosalie? What it does Do not make a bad joke. "
"I'm not kidding."
"Open the door!"
Struggling door, Rosalie laughed slyly.
"Let me tell you something, you're a nuisance. A You do not want to be with the count, so why not get closer to him. "
"Do not talk nonsense!"
"My fairy will give you a lesson, so please stay still."
"The Bogey beast ... do not believe what he says! Edgar addition, it always up to something. Miss Rosalie, he uses sweet words to deceive people! "
"In truth, I envy you."
"Ah, no, it has been confused ..."
"Until then, take care, Miss Lydia."
Being the last of the conversation, no matter how Lydia wrestle the door, there was no response.
"... What I do, Nico has come."
But he was in the house of the Count sitting quietly in his chair, drinking tea, staying in the office. And perhaps had not yet returned home.
"Well, at times like these is not found."
Lydia Anyway, feeling anxious and upset, had to calm down.
He shouted for the help. But he thought that there was only abandoned houses.
In the doorway of the small room a little light came, and slowly began to despair Lydia.
Edgar also eight years ago, maybe felt the same? Even as a child, being exhausted. Just imagine, it felt suffocating.
I did not want to sit still, again raised his voice and wrestled the door. It was released with all their might.
And he heard a bump and the door was broken, Lydia and the remains of the door fell to the ground.
"Mentiraaaaa, no, you have this amount of force .... Well, apparently the bolt was rusty. Moreover, it is old stock. "
But that did not take her small room outside the warehouse door was locked. It was an iron door, and he might throw it away.
However, the light shone through the window of the roof, and grew calm.
In addition, Rosalie had the key to the warehouse, and only she could open it.
What to do. He would not believe it was going to stay as many days and then die of exhaustion ... I did not plan to stay with her hands folded.
There should be no escape, Lydia began to investigate the interior of the building.
Rosalie had the key. She came from small, and found the boy, there sure was one of the possessions of the young.
But, if that's someone from her family had locked the boy in this place.
In conclusion, the person who had sold to Edgar, "... it was a close relative to Rosalie?
Gradually, he began to get confused.
The most important thing is that Lydia was involved in that situation without knowing it.
Perhaps Edgar, I knew some things. I knew it, and something was afoot.
Maybe he used to Lydia for intrigue.
"He lied to me when I said he was not hiding anything ... Ahhh!"
Again he raised his voice, he tripped over something on the floor and fell.
When stopped, he heard a thin voice.
"... Is anyone there?"
He heard the voice of a young girl.
"Huh?", "Q-Who?"
"Excuse me, this I, my name is Doris Waltpaul."
"... Doris," the baroness? "
"If ... Excuse me, do not you mind helping me? If you might not be friends with the bad. "
Listening to the voice came to the door. Also the door was locked, it seemed that from the inside could not open it.
Lydia she unlocked the door, inside he found the young, this was lying down and approached her Lydia.
"You okay?"
"Yes, but I have no strength, I quickly regain consciousness."
"Well, but I have also been enclosed. Now I'm looking for the exit. "
"So also locked my uncle?"
"Uncle? The person who was locked ... Lord Graham? "
With her hair down, his clothes dirty, did not seem to be a daughter of the nobility, his face gaunt, the girl not being rescued, sat dejected reeling in a box.
The girl told him that if he had the key to the door, there was nothing that door as input and output.
That store, he uses Lord Graham of the shipping company, has long Rosalie came secretly to explore the place.










 He thought he had found the young man then, but Lydia, asked about Lord Graham.
"Truly, I learned that my uncle was misappropriating the fortune of the house Waltpaul. Then he found a letter he had written to my teacher as a query ... Suddenly, my uncle dependents confined in the mansion. But this morning brought me here, I heard they were going to sell abroad. It seems that long have done this, not only seized the property, also makes this type of crime ... "
"So it's not the fault of the beast Bogey you disappeared."
"Bogey ...?"
"The fairy of Miss Rosalie. Both were fought, I heard the scary fairy. Then I visited Mrs. Marl, which is looking for her. "
"Professor Marl? Sorry, who are you? "
"My name is Lydia Carlton. I'm Dr. tale of the Count Ashenbert. Mrs. Marl, said that you were speaking of fairies, so I went to see with the Count. "
"The house of Count Ashenbert ..."
Doris sighed with relief. Lydia recognized as an ally.
"Obviously, I have fear of fairies. Rosalie, when the fairy egg used for divination, promised not to hide anything, but I said nothing of our uncle to her. It was terrible that .... Rosalie addition to our guy is incredible, he is confident, would not say until it was confirmed. But I was tormented, he realized that something was hiding, and she became upset. "
"So you were afraid to attack the fogman?"
"Well yeah ... I thought it was not real. Rosalie says bad things but not a bad girl ... In addition I was too scared to fogman, but in truth the fear, rather than the tale is the fear of people. "
It may be true. Fairies, were only next to people who knew about them.
Little by little dark inside the warehouse. If you arrive at night, would be completely surrounded by darkness. Besides the cold was increasing.
Rosalie did not know until you have planned to shut her up, had not planned to stay quiet until she came.
In order to Doris, perhaps had the chance to come back Graham's subordinates.
"However, Lady Doris, we can not surrender, we must get out of here."
Lydia stood with lots of energy.
"But what will?"
"Let's find something we can help."
Hehehe, at that time, he heard a strange laugh. Raising her head on the beam was the Bogey Beast.
"You ... what did you say to Miss Rosalie. What you propose! "
(Doctor of fairies, you're a nuisance.)
"What have I done? If you want to gather Rosalie and Edgar, you picked the wrong person, do not put me in your tricks. "
The Bogey Beast, jumping between the rafters, stopping at the top of a wooden box.
(Huh? Really think that I'm helping this woman to come out with the count. Indeed a fool.)
"... You, what are you up?"
Hehehe Again, the Bogey Beast laughed deeply. His lips came to their ears showing its ugliness.
"Miss Lydia, is there anything here?"
Doris felt uneasy.
"Yes, the fairy that follows Rosalie. Can you see? "
"I ... I can not see. But sometimes I feel as if something strange move. "
(She is a woman clumsy. He knows of my existence but can not see me. He asked me to wear the baroness to bring it to this guy, but I had no use other than her cousin.)
"That person, do you mean your real lord ?..... Did you mean Graham Lord? "
(Huh? What nonsense. Why do you think my master is a human?)
The Bogey Beast Master is not a person.
Rosalie is in possession of the agate.
I can not believe the man is in the agate seal.
"... .... The devil ... ....?"
He made a negative sound.
(He hates being called that. He does not want the rabble call him so. More than a demon, is the great Fogman.)
The fogman, lies within the agate Rosalie ...
Lydia surprised by the situation, the tone Bogey pleased with the beast, this talking incessantly.
(My lord was sealed in the stone, it was something terrible. Moreover, because of the person who had the stone, my lord I could not leave the blood of the nobles.)
What he had written the father of Lydia, the owner of noble blood, was to protect the "fairy egg."
Being locked up, the power of the demon was contained by the blood of a nobleman.
As the Waltpaul a new family of nobles, they lost the power to retain the demon that had been guarded since the Middle Ages.
(That's why, soon will be released. I could hear his voice, and I have dedicated myself to help. Yes, I will give him luck. Returns the majesty of Mr. Fogman. That girl did bother me. Who have believed that I am?)
Since I was little I could see the fairies, but did not think such a situation happen now. Now very little was known of the existence of them, and had heard almost nothing frightening tale, I knew it would happen in that situation.
(Look, humans. The resurgence of fogman. Once again London is filled with fear, city of fog. The Blue Knight Earl will not be a nuisance. Fogman This time, my lord, bury that guy!)
"Ah, the Blue Knight Earl?"
Lydia spoke up inadvertently.
In conclusion, at present, the person who was now the title of Earl Blue Knight was Edgar.
(Yes, Dr. tale, you are his subject so you should understand!)
"What made Count Blue Knight you?"
(Do not know, the Blue Knight Earl was the one who locked Mr Fogman. You can get Mr. Fogman of agate, and has been a long time and the seal has been weakened. When you do, shut up the count and return to Blue Knight eat your life. So you can eat fast, I will do everything you ask me. When that type is buried, my lord can finally resurface!)
"Miss Lydia, are you okay?"
She felt dizzy. Lady Doris helped.
(The Blue Knight Earl, after a long time has made its appearance. I have made all preparations!)
Conde was named the Blue Knight, the feudal lord of the land of the fairies being a person who swore allegiance to the King of England. His descendants took the name Ashenbert, so until now, the count is in their domain the land of fairies going also to the human world, saying the legends that had a mysterious power.
But, the current Earl Blue Knight did not know that using the mist fogman took people and as a punishment used holy water from the agate, so that you can seal.
So far, the fogman was preparing his revenge.
In that time, the convent and the blood of the nobles guarded inside the agate, fogman not sit still, going into the hands of Rosalie as the "fairy egg" the magic power and weakened the seal and began to move.
Bogey beast replied to the call of magic power. With the help of the fairy, the fogman, thought to make use of Rosalie as part of aristocratic society, and was able to find the name of Earl Blue Knight.
With the disappearance of the descendants of Earl Blue Knight, Edgar Ashenbert appeared one day in London. He quickly made its debut in society. When Rosalie met Edgar, the beast and fogman Bogey, they found their enemy.
But, despite many years of hatred, Edgar did not have the blood of the Blue Knight Earl. Sure, he had the strength to face the fogman.
Edgar "for some reason you have planned? On the search for Lady Doris, the approach to Rosalie, and fogman found inside the agate as the Bogey Beast, who handled it, to come closer to Edgar.
It must prevent the fogman out of agate. But to do so ...
While Lydia thought, glanced at the Bogey Beast. The fogman within the agate, to be a mischievous fairy companion, if he was not the fogman could do nothing.
Being sealed, no one had helped him, only he had listened to his call.
To do so, should stop the beast Bogey fogman provide assistance.
To catch it, what should I do?
So Lydia, was on his feet a glass jar.
Hidden in her dress, sat. And quietly took the bottle.
Bogey's whole body was covered with fur beast, from that distance I could snatch a hair, and put this into the bottle.
For the tale was not the body hair was just a spirit. At the time of put his coat on the bottle, he planned to close the jar with the lid.
But with the small bottle, I would not be locked up forever, but I could buy some time.
(What happens, Dr. tale? "She was afraid to hear my lord fogman?)
".... Dangerous fairy, I would get in trouble ... .."
Lydia cried purposely frightened.
(Well, looking at her, Dr. tale is a girl, you are no match for me.)
Bogey Proud beast, went to Lydia. A strange laughter floated in the air, and Lydia hid her face towards the wall.
Now, Bogey Lydia caught the beast.
But his body shrank, as Lydia was the size of a mouse.
At that time, the beast Bogey had a hair Lydia's hair, the hair was pulled into the bottle, and closed the lid.
He quickly lost consciousness, fell and Doris Lydia approached her.
"Miss Lydia, what happens? Answer me. "
But no matter how Doris was called, shook his body, Lydia did not open his eyes.
Wrong to want to lock the beast Bogey.
He had spent the contrary, the fairy in the bottle had contained the soul of Lydia.


Mr. Carlton had gone to the mansion of the Count, telling Edgar that Lydia had not returned home, intending to look from one side to another and had climbed into a carriage, which could have walked back home.
But he said the housekeeper, Lydia had returned home early, locking in the office of Mr. Carlton, but came out again at night.
At that time, Lydia said she would return a lost object, leaving in light clothing.
"Excuse me, Count. If you still have issues to do, but thought it might be here. "
While in the lobby after checking that Lydia was not there, Mr. Carlton retired.
"Mr. Carlton, please relax. You may have some idea where it must be. "
Edgar stopped him saying that.
The butler set the coat and hat, and called Raven.
Edgar listening to the conversation, quickly came to mind Rosalie.
After the musical performance, arrived at the mansion Rosalie by a scandal that she had dropped him a membership. Raven said he had given to Lydia, changed out quickly.
The belonging that he had dropped the girl, Raven said it was a "stone similar to an Easter Egg," Edgar sensed that this was the "fairy egg."
That was what he had before him.
The place where Edgar had grown in the vast main house was an amazing camera, his predecessors kept old and new objects from the east and west. Literally, the person who visited this camera could be surprised. There were many strange things, an unidentified mummy and stuffed animals, he admired, not considered strange bad taste of the aristocracy.
And there was the "fairy egg."
Green as a leaf and finely carved, inside seemed to have water. That moved the stone inside it felt amazing, and took it with him.
It was an agate, but he had the nickname "fairy egg," there were many things I did not know, being the camera from his father, did not mind and took it with him. It was agreed that they always carried. But he could not remember where he had lost.
Until he learned that Rosalie did.
At the time he met her was in a tea ceremony sponsored by a lady. " Using the fairy egg as a crystal ball for divination, saying it was child's play, Rosalie taught the other girls on Agate.
At this time Edgar quickly recalled a fragment of memory.
Attached was semi-conscious in a cold room. Tormented as a nightmare, the fear of the fogman, as if it were a dream. He thought about those two girls. He always carried with agate, and handed it to the girls.
Then he realized. Rosalie was the girl, the person who haunted Edgar, was someone close to her.
The person connected with his abduction, the person close to the young man was Lord Graham, and to know their goals, had to investigate.
Rosalie did not know Graham's misconduct, he quickly realized that. Miss Tan was just a naive and selfish.
Knowing that, Lydia saying the existence of the Bogey Beast, Edgar had little interest. I was sure that had nothing to do with Graham.
But Lydia had not returned home, he was prolonging the fight that had occurred in the morning with Rosalie, that either had no relationship with Graham.
But Rosalie was close to Graham. If he found Lydia, the situation would be dangerous.
"Well ... Lydia, are you in trouble again?"
"Everything is fine. On reflection, a person a bit selfish paused only for a while. "
Edgar said it in a natural tone. But Mr. Carlton, looked at him with concern.
Lydia was very similar to his father being a difficult personality, thin-looking man with an innocent face, lifted his glasses, and looked deeply into Edgar.
"Count, you Lydia, I have commissioned. For a fairy doctor, there are times that your work will be dangerous, but my daughter chose to work for this house, so I want to protect her. "
I watched him severely as if he were a student, had long ago guessed what kind of person was Edgar.
Now in charge of the incident was Lydia.
Telling entrusting it to Lydia, he said nothing.
Both were similar, were sympathetic both father and daughter.
"Of course. She is my benefactor. Would do anything to protect it. "
Persuading those words, Mr. Carlton left.
I did not think it was a lie to think of her as her benefactress.
But Lydia, had told his father that Edgar did not trust. It was natural. He was a liar, criminal, so that it was necessary to put some distance.
Edgar also not told of his intentions to Lydia.
The truth was that she and Raven were different types of companions, was misled by this kind of difference.
Its long experience, there was no equality among their peers, as the unfortunate past of others, and only had caused inconvenience to Lydia.
When performing, he did not tell the truth to Lydia because he did not know that excuse, and as a result Lydia Edgar was using half.
"Umm, you're a little depressed, it appears that you have a bit of conscience."
Do not know if I had a straight face, he realized when he turned, Nico was talking about.
"Nico, where are you going?"
"A search for Lydia. Also you may request. "
Nico running out the door and looked that her figure was gone, would it be all that for the fog?
Raven handing his stick, so did Edgar.
"Mr Edgar, as it is I come just to give you news."
"Bad news?"
"Right now they are not."
"... .. The man who went to Lydia in the park," Graham working for? "
"Yes. They called dog trainer, Graham frequently hired. Graham and others, had warned other thieves that pointed to Dr. tale of the house of Conde Ashenbert. Previously, his men helped him to abduct women were mediums, clairvoyants and fortune-tellers, "this time he confirmed anything?"
"It seems that we have not erred with Graham, is one of the followers of the prince."
Thinking a little, Edgar asked again.
"And do that?"
The boy pulled his hand, and looked a dented canned.
"It's very busy, says the lead with Dr. tale."
Apparently not understand much but Raven did not seem to bother him, carefully placed it in the pocket of his coat, well thought Edgar would not matter.
"About Raven, with what has happened we must change our plans."
"... .. Yes If he returned home, I thought that there was no worry. Miss Lydia since it was the park, were waiting for her to leave alone. "
If left alone, would follow. Rosalie did not know if subordinates had used, the housekeeper at the Carlton said that Lydia had been called to go outside.
That would only return an object that had fallen to someone, it was a common invitation. Rosalie always thought Edgar, "so Lydia would not consider as a rival?
About Doris, through research Graham considered suspect, Edgar was just using the information positively, coming to Rosalie, and she was not aware of that feeling of remorse.
"I forgot who knew the young girls."
"Apparently not."
You bet. Edgar muttered as he climbed into the carriage.


The clerk of Waltpaul secretly asked her to deliver a letter to Rosalie, being part of Edgar.
He said a few words he wanted to see her, she did not fit into joy, going alone to the hotel was famous for being popular among the nobles.
As the houses of London were not enough for the nobles, there were many people who used it for a long period, not only that, was a haven for rent being a famous hotel.
Rosalie asking about the room, came to a guest room.
The earl was fair to receive the young, the young man's smiling face, made her feel victorious.
"I was scared in the message you wanted to see me quickly."
"Why?" Have not you noticed that only think of you? "
He felt his eyes with violet-gray eyes, the heart of the girl throbbed.
"But, there has been a long time since we parted."
"Countless hours have been. I also wanted to talk more to themselves. "
As I had said the fairy. If he did what he did, he would successfully luck.
He whispered sweet words leaning his body, recommending that he take the wine, Rosalie was completely animated.
Lydia had told her that Edgar was dangerous, and it was impossible to be.
It seems that he was a bit dangerous but in front of a lovely woman was faithful.
"The truth is that I give you something."
"Oh, what is?"
He opened a box and inside was in ruby necklace.
"Well, is this for me? This necklace so expensive, okay give me? "
"Do not you like?"
"So, tell me where is Lydia."
I thought I had misheard. Edgar as always, like watching the girl he liked, kindly.
"... .. Did you say?"
"Do not you know? Where is Lydia? I thought both were out but the servant of Baron, said he had returned home alone. But not without first knowing you went to see Lydia. "
I quickly climbed the blood to the head. Receiving an insult, Rosalie collar pulling him back.
"It's a disrespect, I do not know anything about Miss Lydia! Moreover, this I can not get! "
"I bring it back, right? But this is a present for you from Lord Graham. "
"From my uncle ... ...?"
I did not know the reason. Laughing derisively Edgar, suddenly, Rosalie did not seem to recognize the young man.
I've never seen so cruel a laugh.
"This hotel, did not you know that Lord Graham was the owner? But he had a huge debt, and he likes the luxury and getting lost in gambling debts, putting this place as collateral. So buy your debt, so this place is confiscated. Also this room, Lord Graham used it is why it is still his luggage, but it's fun, not have her own house, and has many interesting things. "
For example, Edgar standing, pulled out a sheaf of papers. Rosalie Confused reproduced, they all fell to the ground.
"He was embezzling money from Lady Doris. Sure, you also hurt. And gradually unable to cover their expenses. What did?, Think a little. First Lady Doris wiped out. You're a girl who gives great satisfaction, are often partly malicious, and many people know. You like to be flashy and vain, if there was a guy you would like it to attract a lot of expenses, is essential to your character. Graham Lord in one way or another, you'd stop wasting money, drove away the men. It's a shame that if they were easy to conquer or whether they awoke to reality, the man with some money you forgot. But on the other hand, it seemed that you used the money from Lady Doris. Also, if you were not, people would interpret that you killed Doris, making them disappear. "
On his feet were many papers, Rosalie had apparently bought many expensive items, including his signature had been forged. Also, ruby necklace, you saw that she had made purchases.
"So far I showed you in the crisis in which you are. Now I want to answer my question. "
Confused, and realizing the trap of his uncle, Rosalie looking forward to his Edgar, was very afraid.
That person, who the hell was that?
Delicate and quiet were the features of the count, that was what one would think of it, but the faction was now perfectly cool.
At that moment, he thought to flee, but he grabbed her arm forcefully.










 "... ... Gri-scream"
"Do what you want. On this floor there is another host, do what I asked. If you hear the screams of a girl you do not pay attention. "
Where is Lydia, the young severely questioned.
"If something happened to me ... .. will not find the girl ... .."
"I see."
The youth replied, turning his eyes called someone.
"Open the window."
Rosalie at the time, noticed the presence of dark-skinned servant who was in a corner of the room.
Edgar pulled the girl near the window.
"P, for! What are you doing! "
"If you do not want to talk, if something would happen to me as well."
There was no hesitation, he was squeezing his neck. The young woman with pain was pushed to the window.
"You were drunk the wine, and before you know it stumbled, that would be what happened."
Would be killed. Thinking that it was true, he forgot his stubbornness and wept. Perhaps, said what he had done to Lydia.
Without realizing it, sat on the floor. Crying, his body trembling.
Nevertheless, he felt he had a deep sleep, did some wine?
"You know nothing of the world, miss. Think the world revolves around you, being ignorant is good have given you a lesson. "
Suddenly he put his coat, along with his servant left the room.
"By the way, here was also wine. Nor would I know that wine. "
No, I was afraid. If you were there on the floor, and if your uncle was coming ...
The blond-haired demon was gone, leaving Rosalie.
Some time ago, had also spiadada action, t aabandonadoaunjovende ellahab pelorubio, why lehab é í avenidoaquelloalamemo ria?
 C A P I T U L O 5
 0e0 ¬ ¹ `D0 W0n0ó 0s
 (G lass O moi Oshino K / E lpensamientoatrav é sdelcristal)
 Teriordelfrasco iendotrasladadaenelin S, L ydiapidi or assistance. E l bottle ran into the wall, striking his back.
"It hurts, it is, what are you doing! This small! Calvo! From navel outgoing! "
Bogey insulted the beast that was holding the bottle, no matter what you say, only laughter.
In fact, Lydia did not hurt. His soul was only locked up, she thought she felt that her body became small to enter the bottle until it was spending its image.
He felt he was being taken along with the bottle, and had beaten the head, but it was only a picture of it.
Bogey's small size of the beast, Lydia was almost the same height as him, but found out this is jumping on each other's joy.
(You're a fool, Doctor tale. You thought you caught me, but look at the situation you are now!)
You understand. If we catch a fairy, fall sharply to the world of them. At that time itself Lydia, entered the domain of the rules of it.
Bogey beast also knew that if his hair was set out a seal.
(Well, what should I do? You should throw away and the river?)
He was afraid. If you did that, I would not know that the ocean would, perhaps float forever.
At that time, the beast screamed ahhhh Bogey.
He was in front of you to Lydia, a lot of long, thick hair on the floor.
Lifting the bottle, saw a large gray cat laughing when he stepped on the Bogey Beast.
"What have you done, Lydia. Is this you caught? "
Nico stepped Bogey beast many times, hitting him with his paw, gave the wall and suddenly disappeared. So to speak, lost opportunity, lost time and this could not return.
When his figure disappeared, Lydia felt relieved.
"I came to save you."
"By chance Nico, a while ago from the window, have you been watching me as I bothered?"
He lowered his tail, Lydia realized. Then from where Nico had done nothing, irritated.
Nico did not make sense to caress his mustache, and straightened his tie. I was looking for a pretext.
"Anyway, I found an opportunity."
Being small the Bogey Beast, that's why I felt that I can drive away.
"Well ... Thanks."
Anyway, I was grateful that I had found.
"You understand what happened."
"The hobgoblin of the house of the Carlton, as a courtesy for the cookies I was watching. To demonstrate the Bogey Beast in the house, it seems that worried him. "
"I see, as expected. A fairy likes cookies from my mother. "
"Tell me, what happened to your body? Where is it? "
"Well, I do not know where they took him."
At the time she was locked in the bottle, several men had entered the store.
Inside was Graham Lord, lifting Doris.
Doris found desperately trying to wake Lydia, young people were puzzled by the situation, not knowing of the existence of the girl, proving that there was no other person strapped to Doris.
Starting at the edge of a boat drove up, Lydia could hear the sound of water and the ship.
Lydia was inside the bottle and Graham Lord realized his unconscious body.
"Is she dead?"
Asked one of his subordinates. It is a discourtesy, Lydia thought.
"No, it seems that is only asleep. But this girl, is it not the doctor who accompanied the tale Ashenbert Count? "
"What is a fairy doctor?"
"I do not know very well, insurance is a like a medium or psychic. Apparently they have an uncanny ability. "
You have confused, that's what he meant, looked at the young Lydia.
"By the way, Sir, the other day the dog trainer could not finish the job, right? To bring this girl, Dr. tale. "
Huh? Does the dog trainer? It was that time that man was made in the park when it was foggy ... ....
"Ahhh, is dead. I found out I was a servant of the Count's house, just when I was abducted and undertake Eastern had hired him again, was murdered. "
"It seems to be an ordinary girl, do you really, you can sell at a high price?"
"That man, if a person who has a strange ability, there is no doubt that the purchase by a high price, it seems this girl has the title of consultant to the Count's house, must have some skill. It is a good way to get money. "
Somehow, going to be sold to someone.
What do I do?, Lydia impatiently inside the bottle, I could not do anything.
"The orders of the man, is just take stolen goods, the risk is great but we got a lot of money. If they are poor children, the price is not high. So far I have sold different kinds of people with skills not just want to want to be in a situation that is favorable, from now on will be a marvel. "
"So this girl was very convenient to arrive, right?"
"Doris told me it was the jealousy of Rosalie who locked up the girl. If Rosalie silent, no one will know the whereabouts of it. "
Ahh, that's enough, do not touch me!
Lydia thinking at that time, he saw that his body was taken.

"I see."
Nico listening to the end of the conversation, whispered with his arms crossed.

Earl and Fairy---Book 2 PART 4

"You know, I'm not talking about it. Anyway, to ward off the Bogey Beast, I could give a cross acafresna tree. If that does not away, think of another idea. "
"Ahh, you just have the heart to the tale but I would like to direct at least half of your feelings toward me."
Inside the spacious lounge, Lydia thought it was good to have a distance in which Edgar was sitting on the desktop.
He was skilled with words, listening to Lydia had decided the night before, which was to guard him, watching him coldly.
"Please do not look at me suspiciously."
"Are not you a suspect?"
Easily always treated the girls well lightly with her smile and appearance, so I wanted him away, his body was getting stiffer.
"Today also put a distance, right?"
"Lord, a visit."
We heard the voice of the butler entering the room, Lydia sighed with relief. In short, be released to talk to him if he came a visit?
"Edgar, I came to see you!"
Not expecting the introduction of the steward, had left a girl with curly hair orange. Direct approach to Edgar.
"Good morning, miss. Each day becomes more beautiful. "
His position as a queen, majestically raised his hand, receiving a kiss on the hand. Of course the girl had not even seen Lydia.
"You know Edgar, in the mansion of the Waltz, a pianist will give a recital. Would you go see him? Iran only people close to Ms. Waltz. "
"I can go? I would not bother. "
"Of course. You will be my companion. In addition, everyone wants to be near you. "
Being happy Lydia withdrew quietly from the room.
"Ah, Rosalie. I think you look great cross acafresna tree. So our doctor tells tales, to move away to the bad fairies. "
But suddenly stopped. Saying thus, he felt a bit of antipathy.
At that time, he felt the eyes fixed on Lydia Rosalie.
"Wait, Doctor tale. What rare prosecution is saying? "
He had no choice, Lydia turned to the girl.
"I'm not the accused. Do not know which is close to a beast Bogey? It is a dangerous fairy. "
"It is my servant. He protects me, do not say you do not understand. "
"He opened a window. You do not know much about fairies. There are few times when they approach people. If you happen to Lady Doris becomes ill, perhaps this fairy has something to do with that. "
Lydia did not mean disease, wanted to discover the whereabouts of the girl, anyhow, Rosalie had given to understand that Doris was ill.
"Are you saying that I have the blame for what happened to Doris? Do you know what I have done? "
"I did not mean that ..."
"It's not my fault! She broke her promise. If you make an oath to the fairy egg, and if you break a promise, the fairy was angry. She was afraid, following frightened, she got sick and returned to the field and now I have not seen him, I am not involved in it! "
Indeed it seemed that Murray thought that Doris was in the field. He put the reputation of the family of Baron in the game, looked at Lydia speaking without showing any hesitation.
Then the girl and Doris had just fought, was the problem of what he said "is better than not here."
But the beast was chasing Bogey Rosalie. Although they had only an insignificant fight, maybe that was what had happened.
"But Miss Murray, the Bogey Beast does what you want, it may be possible that both you and those close to be deceived and fall into their trap. That's why ... "
"You do not want me to come over to Edgar, right?"
Lydia did not think the conversation suddenly changed.
"What I say, you've said all that to offend me."
"I have no interest in lying!"
"Your reliability is suspect."
Happening, I could not talk about the fairies.
Edgar looked at both, it seemed that he would not intervene. Rather, he encouraged all, Lydia was furious.
I found it funny that women fight over him.
But Lydia, had no reason to fight with the girl.
Thinking about running away, Rosalie left off.
"You, I can win both feature as attractive. I want you to stop picking on where you do not call. In general, you look like a witch for your green eyes. Or, Dr. tale is not human. Have you changed to a human? "
"What did he say?"
I had no reason to fight for Edgar. But this girl had gotten to their appearance, and Lydia could not stay silent.
Since childhood he had been told that they had changed and left a wound.
"You are not so important. Just likes attention, the short hair, how long it takes to become the curls? "
"I do not like smoking, dirty hair that rust."
"It is caramel!"
She almost never defended, Lydia had forgotten herself. No thought was nice of her hair color, only Edgar had said otherwise. With a single word had become a lovely color, was embarrassed to have clung to that idea.
Thinking about Edgar, now was not worried about his state of mind.
"Then Edgar, orange or candy, which of the two you like?"
Rosalie saying, Edgar turned addressing.
"Mmm, I have not had the opportunity to try the candy."
Having said that, it refers ...
He said the way things shameful, but Rosalie smiled triumphantly, understanding Lydia suddenly flushed.
I could not believe. Frivolous and shameless man.
"What nonsense, I do not want to see you again."
Pushing Rosalie, striding out of the room, through the door. That innocent, he heard the voice of Rosalie, and slammed the door.

Locked in the office, Lydia was very upset. Edgar and Rosalie going out and climbing into the carriage, looked out the window in the lobby, he suddenly raised his eyes, Lydia hastily closed the curtain.
"I do not care. That man should I care not shameless. Coming soon kissing someone. Whom do ... "
Turning in surprise was speechless.
For that was Raven.
"Wha-what? You should at least knock on the door. "
"Sorry. But there was no reply from him. "
To listen should not be too upset.
"Well ..., sorry. But you can not stop coming by the orders of Mr. Edgar? "
"Miss Lydia, Mr. Edgar is not shameless."
He had said suddenly with a serious face.
I had heard, Lydia was embarrassed.
"Only he is when he speaks. The Lord does not force anyone. If a girl is something else wanted. "
It's called A scoundrel.
"That's why Miss Lydia, could not believe a bit in Mr. Edgar? As Dr. tale, will not receive a kiss. You will not allow it. "
"Of course I would not."
"It seems to be unhappy."
"C" of course. It's just what you said. I think not. Is that yesterday, but protected me I can not imagine what would have happened. I am here as a doctor tale, but I will not be treated as one of his followers. "
"We feel sure then."
"You think of your love, right?"
"Everything will be fine, no need to flee nor to guard."
Would do anything for Edgar. Rather than kill the enemies or people who prevented him to his master, probably Raven was a complicated person, to appease Lydia had tried such a thing.
He admired the fidelity.
Although I think, for a servant was better to have an annoying appropriate sir. But Raven simply more important was his master.
Inside Raven, was an evil spirit, Edgar was the only person who had been calm supplement.
Denying Edgar, Raven did what she thought necessary for his master.
"Okay. If you win you can choose what you want. But if it received a kiss from him, knock his face. "
Raven looking with dark green eyes did not say a word, he was satisfied.
On second thought, Lydia had to be left to win kiss, just had noticed that.
Anyway, I did not check with Edgar.
Indeed, perhaps if he had recently ", but wanted to know if it was true.
"You dropped this."
Raven was in his hand, leaving a white sphere on the table.
"Sure, it fell to Rosalie."
It was not his, he whispered.
He realized that it was an agate. It was transparent, its color was similar to light green leaves. A mint green agate? Shaking, they heard the sound of water. Quickly led to the light from the window, looking at him, he could see a cut and within the water had changed to black.
I could not believe, is the fairy egg?
Is it true?
Long ago, has anyone had used to seal a demon?
Is known that Edgar had had in their possession?
Having found that in the classroom, "the lost object was Rosalie?
"... Hey, Raven. Yesterday, you remember what Edgar said in the boat? About the boy who was kidnapped in the fog and died in America. "
Raven just leaving the office, stopped and turned.
"That was, do you really? If it was Edgar's friend, do you also know him, no? "
"Mr. Edgar had many friends to whom he had much affection. If someone was sold, the circumstances were very similar, I do not think there was a specific person on that. "
"On his comrades, do not tell me all ..."
"They died."
"Without exception, were killed. The prince, does not forgive the traitors. "
Children lost in the fog and sold. Edgar said he wanted to escape the fog, was not a specific person, what if he had been his companions?
It was the imagination of the young, have been carried through the fog and be sold until he died, it was not possible so we rescued him.
They had been taken by people of bad intentions. If they were still in the fog, no matter how they have sought help, perhaps, Edgar suffered for their deaths.
Instead of praying for the boy and the other, Edgar clung to the fog and the "fairy egg."
"But is Mr. Edgar who saw the two tales."
"It had heard that before."
"E" Okay tell me that? "
"I will not shut up. But not much about the fairy egg. "
Ah, I see.
He was afraid he had said Raven, but Lydia had sensed something.
That conversation, the same circumstances that had happened to their colleagues explaining his representation, Edgar had talked about his own experience. Also, if Edgar had seen the two tales, then how was he who had in his hands the fairy egg?
The agate stone was rare as it is a good object to pawn his little shade to the jewel had a high price.
In fact a large jewel, passing into the hands of another party, a fragment produced was common sold, but being that way, had been guarded by a good family.
"In addition to Edgar," someone among his friends was the son of good family? "
"No. If I had known. "
Being inside a store in the dark, Edgar had seen the specter of fogman. He made the exchange but was not rescued until now he, like his companions, perhaps feel you can not escape the deep fog.
For help, now Lydia had fought with him ...
"Miss Lydia, for the sake of Mr. Edgar feed to risk my life. I think we all did the same. But Mr. Edgar, feels much remorse for those who died, is painful, no? "
"I think it's embarrassing."
With a serious expression Lydia had asked, looking down a bit.
"Whenever Mr. Edgar, rather than being the man was a leader. He was not pessimistic, and requests for assistance, he carried on his shoulders the confidence of all people. They were all friends, familiar with them but had doubts that became his weakness. Our leader, not looking at the failure, and had no remorse, no hesitation, it was our proud leader. "
But no person is so strong. Edgar carried a great weight, nevertheless his comrades were admired for their strong will.
He had realized that perhaps Raven, had found some peace.
"But now, I think we should get some rest."
"You say to yourself. More than a servant, I think he considers you a friend. "
But Raven shook her head sharply.
"It is impossible. The goblin inside me, Mr. Edgar recognized as its owner and that is why he serves. And make no distinction. "
Lydia could not understand about the hobgoblin of Raven, he would not abandon its position as a servant, was so deep that he could not understand.
"Miss Lydia So please do not hate Mr. Edgar."
"Eh, not that I hate ..."
He was suddenly taken aback by the words.
"Mr. Edgar is not perfect, have you disappointed?"
"I never thought he was perfect. It is rogue and villain, is just full of flaws. "
Despite talk a lot of his master, "Raven would be happy with that answer? He quickly left the office.
Stunned, Lydia was left alone.
"What I wanted to say?"
I no longer had to fight, should I say to Edgar that would be nice to rest?
It was the duty to confront the pessimism and complaints, "he was demanding that Raven Lydia? But she was not crying, should quickly get a boyfriend. Many candidates opened.
Suddenly, he recalled the face of Rosalie, again bothering Lydia, then calmed down as he remembered the conversation about the pain Raven Edgar.


Lydia said it had something to learn, left early in the mansion. Lydia not being, Nico came to the office by stealth. He opened the closet door was hidden at the bottom a box, and silently picked it up.
Bringing his ear, he heard inside of the box a whisper. Inside the box was preserved, and this one was complaining about something, Nico could not hear very well.
(Rosemary, the green of basil, sweet smell of abundant grass.)
I could not hear very well but I knew the voice was singing a song.
(A barrel is full, Rosemary was covered with sleeping in his bed, London is a great place.)
(Ahh, but I was silenced. "Cannery? Grass in the bed I was asleep. Without realizing I'm in the can.)
"Who are you, what you fell asleep when you locked up in conservation?"
Nico spoke involuntarily, and suddenly everything went silent.








 He had fallen asleep, being in the grass of the fish canning factory, maybe it was a fairy?, Being so caught up in the can.
Feeling good about the smell, he forgot the time falling asleep, I thought it was a great fool. But Nico was a fairy, when one was concentrating, not paying attention to other things. I did not think the fairies that they might occur.
"So who was imprisoned you?"
Within the conservation, feeling impatient to leave him well, Nico with caution, rocked the can.
"That's why, talk calmly. Who are you? If you say you out of there. "
At that time, he asked the same question. In the interior of the preserve, from the beginning had not spoken, but could not let back into the closet, leaving a faint voice.
But could not hear very well, because the can was sealed.
"What was the person who first? You do not know what my true form. So, you want to see Dr. tale? You say I'm not trusted, so first you must make sure of who I am. "Aah? I need not tell me you do not trust me. "
It was pretty stubborn.
Anyway, he, in order to open the can, did not want anyone outside him out. Staying calm might think, perhaps caution had felt that perhaps a fairy would eat it.
You wanted to eat me, that was before what Nico had said, the conservatives thought that the fairy would eat, that's why he did not trust.
I wanted him out a human, and for a human to a fairy who trust would be a fairy doctor. Being the intermediary of Dr. tale, the order of the interior of the preserve, looking from the perspective of Nico, perhaps the problem is that this has bad intentions.
I was worried if this came out unexpectedly could hurt Lydia, having trouble deciding.
As a result, the dialogue ended and unclear. The seal had locked his powers, and was not very good in it. The time was short he was awake, he quickly began to sleep, even though they could not speak much.
But he was careful to Nico. In any such thing happen to him should be very cautious.
I felt bad but maybe it was an evil, why he had been locked up and now could not leave. If you talk to Lydia would be a delicate situation. She did what she wanted, rather than see the danger had compassion for people.
Nico's why I could not do that this reached the ears of Lydia, carefully put him in the box, and had hidden deep in the closet.
At that time, he heard the sound of the door and it opened. Nico preserves desperate shot under the tablecloth, sitting in the chair properly. As if nothing raised his cup of tea, Edgar had entered the office.
Aaaah that type had been confused.
Should have acted like a cat.

Edgar Returning home in time to get Lydia's office, fixed his gaze on a gray cat gracefully lifting a cup of tea.
Near the table, sat in the chair where he had placed a cushion.
He put his mouth to taste and smell the steam, taking a sip, return the cup to the saucer.
Taking a view to Edgar, as if nothing had happened, he changed his position sitting in the chair. In short, he sat like a cat.
But a few moments ago had seen the cat for tea, wondering if it would be an illusion only now he was sitting in a normal cat.
"I heard that Lydia had gone home, but do not you come back with her?"
"No thanks, I love being here. If I ring the bell will come to serve tea. "
Based on the pillow, he saw that he was happy.
His purrs, could understand them as if they were words. Again suggested to Edgar, that Nico was not a simple cat.
Edgar sat in front of the table looking at Nico.
"You know Nico, what is what Lydia thinks of me?"
"A guy a liar."
He felt the cold eyes of Nico when he spoke.
"Well, I have no choice."
"Hey, just convince you."
"But now it does some guy that you like? I thought I had a chance. "
"Huh? Hey, Miss wavy hair orange? "
"Well, Rosalie, is just a friend. She also thinks the same. "
"What nonsense ... anyone think they are very close. In general, you are always next to Lydia, so do not joke about it. "
He was astonished, to see Nico lying on his elbow, resting his cheek on her hand.
I did not think to make a subtle approach.
"I'm not making fun of it, but I think it also has rejected me."
"Liar. Lydia seems to be a little odd. I will tell you before, Lydia's world is different from yours. Lydia understands that, and put you away, so do not disturb. "
He felt he was being scolded, Edgar sighed.
He wondered what the reason why they were stopped near Lydia.
For the sake of the count's house, I thought it was important to a doctor tale. Not only that, also felt interest and charm in it, also knew the world in which she lived was different from theirs.
Without realizing everything was inexplicable, had fun talking and wanted to be near her. Maybe it's just that feeling, knowing that having lived in different worlds that conflict, did not think seriously about it.
"A little more, I understand Lydia. Nico, what do I do? If you, know much about it, right? "
Thus, when asking a question to the cat, without thinking seriously looked like a game.
A gangster wanted to understand. Saying, Nico moved its tail.
So, to teach, what would be good to say?
Nico thinking, Edgar called a butler.
Listening to order the butler went out, returning with a silver dish.
Following the smell of silver plate, it was sweet. Edgar, gave it to Nico.
"They have come fresh from France. Have liquor in the chocolate. "I think you might like?"
Approaching a bit, Nico, look carefully how brown circle.
The cat who had a tie around his neck, raised his chocolate brand, seeing it as if it were an incredible scene.
Popped in the mouth, savoring it, ran his tongue over his lips, Nico eyes he looked ecstatic.
"You can eat all you want."
"I do not t to s while L and d i a.
 "E soseriaquiz to sunconsejoqueledaba?
 T eniendoambasmanosenel dish, no, laspatasdelanteras, N icollevoconsigotodolo cakes í a, yaque adichoquepod í í E dgarlehab allevarloquequisiera.
 C A P I T U L O 4
 Øš'Œj0 <0 ª `T>
 (Kouki naru Akuma / A nobleman become demon)

Formerly, it was the prized jewel of the royal family of Granada. The mystery of its creation was the water that was introduced in the agate. According to legend, the glass enclosed demons, the lord used to prevent damage to the devil, in short they believed that the stone was a talisman.
No one knew for sure if from the kingdom of Granada had brought the talisman for England, had carved a delicate light green, similar to an egg that's why I called the fairy egg, the light shone on the thin base carved , in ancient times was watching the silhouette enclosed water.
"I'm not mistaken, is the same object."
In front of her eyes, whispered to observe the agate in the same moment he turned his gaze to the book.
Long ago, there were records of the convent of San Agustín guarding the object. But with the demolition of the convent, took great care to hide it.
Perhaps having inside sealed a demon in exchange, gave the enemy country, believing that was a tragedy.
"Well, it seemed that previously believed in the existence of the power of demons."
A legend said that the royal family was in custody that agate. It was a pity, but so far there was no evidence legacy.
From the beginning, the funny thing was that noble family had received the object. Both the royal family as a family of nobles, the beliefs were that being of noble birth scare away the devil, hiding in the stone, being a rare stone worn by nobles, even though secretly hid the family and it was a peculiar situation.
"The wording of my father, this student will be sentimental for a no?"
Closing the book, he returned to the shelf. To find out about the agate, Lydia had come home quickly, with the aim to find the description not only the information, having gone to meditate in the office of his father.
In front of his eyes was the agate, wondering if the demon was hidden, by observing not yet understood.
"However, passing the agate between nobles, was expected to arrive in the hands of Edgar."
Lydia did not know what would have happened to his family, anyway Edgar was carrying the stone, having been washed away, had not been sold?
At that time, Raven had told him that Edgar had seen the figure of two tales.
That may have been, not true tale, only a few have seen girls wearing pretty dresses. Had they been true tales, they should have kept the promise of trade.
Girls having received the agate, perhaps until now had in their possession, in short Rosalie maybe it was the girl of that time.
(Hey, could you not give it back?)
Turning his eyes, stood outside the window the Bogey Beast.
"Okay, do not you come to pick it up?"
Lydia opened the window. But the beast Bogey not enter the room.
(It is impossible that I can catch. Bring him.)
Agate knew he had something inside.
It was a holy stone that had trapped a demon. Being near her was very dangerous, carrying the stone Rosalie, wondered why the Bogey Beast was on his side.
The lord of Bogey Rosalie beast was not making anything for his master had ordered him to be near her.
Rosalie taking the fairy egg maybe she had no connection with Mr.?
There were things that still did not understand.
"You want me to return to your master?"
Lydia in his hand the agate, approached Bogey walking toward the beast.
"Ah, do not come here."
The Bogey beast violently turned his thin limbs, lost his balance falling off the edge of the window.
(Stupid woman, thou him soon ...)
"What do you mean by that person?"
(N, nothing. Ps The girl is waiting in the carriage. Comes to pick up what he dropped, specifically came to see you.)
Did you come Rosalie?
If you can meet her, maybe he could see the points that was in doubt.
Lydia hand-carrying the agate out of the room.

Earl and Fairy---Book 2 PART 3

"It's a joke, Raven."
"For the moment."
I wanted to stop, Lydia felt exhausted.
"Jealous?, I always make jokes, not funny. Besides Mr. Langley, just treat me like the professor's daughter. Also do not know me, see me as a normal girl. "
"I do not know your own appeal."
"If I know about me. Also always told me that I had changed. "
"Your eyes are a mysterious world. Your ears to hear the sound of the wind can recognize voices. Anyone who knew this would be afraid. But you know, the girl you like, any part of it is ugly, one would not be afraid of it. "
In truth, he liked to flatter.
Do not know if it was because he had it in the carriage but Lydia said.
"No I told you, to tell you to stop these lies? I know, the day he disappeared Lady Doris, you let her climb into the carriage. "
"Umm, who said that?"
But he did not move, only whispered softly.
"That day you, you left the port. In the port warehouse you stopped with your coach, what did you do there? Then, Lady Doris losing the maid, near the bazaar collection and helped to get into the carriage, but she disappeared. Thinking you're not the first suspect? "
"" Are you a clairvoyant? "
"In the harbor teems with little fairies, rose on the roof of your carriage and so returned. Not having seen a luxurious home followed you, the fairies had heard that an extraordinary residence, who came to watch. "
Heard directly from the conversation of Nico, but had used a good lie.
He shrugged and sat down right.
"No matter how many servants you use, if I marry you I do not think that is easy to deceive."
"I do not want to marry an unfaithful person."
A light laugh, occurred in the front seat.
"Raven, you laugh, right?"
"It's absurd."
Raven almost just shows any expression but did laugh?, At the same moment he stared. But suddenly, Edgar putting a gentle face, Raven denied it, what kind of smile on his face he could not imagine.
By chance, perhaps always has been without expression.
"Lydia, it is true that Lady Doris entered the carriage but I left the front of his mansion. She only met her by chance, when I heard I was surprised disappeared. "Fairies do not know where is she?"
"If it is a shame. Probably put to sleep. "
"... Do not do well his duties as fairies. Anyway, I'm not lying. Trust me. "
Originally is a big liar, how could you believe?
"So, why do you want to save people now?"
"Do not you want me worry? Leaving it in front of the mansion, then disappeared ... Well no wonder you have doubts about me. That's why, I have to discover the truth. "
But he always uses lies, it was odd that I would like to know the truth. If being the count was a big lie, Lydia, I could not tell the truth in conversation Edgar.
"Another thing, is not me you're hiding something else?"
"Is there something I do not want to say?"
"Did I not say that there?"
With its serious tone and manner, could easily lie to people, I had doubts but wanted to believe him.
When did you arrive, the Cremorne Gardens was surrounded by ornaments and music. Lowering of the carriage, through the main entrance was a large field from one side to another, were the different shows. It was the first training in London that Lydia had come to see. Anywhere you could find many people. Where do so many people were out together?
Across the front of the circus tent, you could hear the Chinese orchestra, beginning to leave the clown on a string.
It was his first time seeing that, I could not detach his eyes from the attraction, but Lydia had not come to have fun, so I calmed down.
"Where you going? I think the juggling with the elephant is very funny. "
"Huh? What the fairy egg? "
"That will do later. Taking advantage of having come this far, let's have fun. "
Lydia reacts.
"Wait Edgar, do you really going to sell the fairy egg? If I lied, I return home. I can not let the holidays until you behave selfishly. "
"You are very strict. Got it. When we finish this matter, "you could give me a little of your time? Being a holiday, I feel compelled to grant me to spend time with you. "
Do you also have watched the holidays?
I could not understand the thinking of Edgar.
"If it's a sense of obligation, I think we do not have to go out together."
"Why? I thought we could have fun. "
"If you think fun, why not invite another girl? If you want a girl who is quiet, many of them. "Instead of a grim-faced person like me, it would be better a girl who is happy to be by your side?"
"I do not hate your face not sullen. But if I'd smiled at me happy. "
"I told you to stop saying those things."
"You know Lydia know you're the only person who knows my secret, but do not think you feel very negative. I like you, planned to spend some time with you, is it not natural to think that? There was no other opportunity like this to invite you, these are all my true feelings. Not having the chance to leave, suddenly could not tell if this is serious but you just want to tell you this, I want to know more about you, want you to know me, that's why I invited you. "
Is it true?
Ahh, in that situation was quiet, what would it be funny?
Thinking Lydia nodded.
"... All right. Just a little bit, see the place. "
"Thank you. I think we have grown a bit our love. "
Seemed to mock serious manner. Lydia forced a smile.
Having a place full of people, was holding her hand, in the end he was silent, wondering why.
Lies as much as his life, if he praised if he put happy.
But Lydia, Edgar could not believe even though there were moments when he behaved seriously. Edgar cared for her, but it was just a way to use it.
I felt it was impossible for Edgar liked it, seems to have had this personality from the start.
Lydia vaguely remembered his meeting had been known for a cause, so it was not necessary to know the other person for such reasons.
It was not a peculiar feature but thought that people were good. Foolishly, I did not know how the world worked. Always, the fairies could see and understand, feeling a peaceful feeling, also finding that in people. Perhaps, like his father.
Using sweet words, wearing a tail coat that fit him with his physical constitution, every movement refining, a tender smile, that person could also be intimidating, he had refined features, but thinking there was something that did not match.
For Edgar, it could be like any girl, but Lydia was not of the nobility.
Since childhood, she had left the middle class, had no titles of nobility or had economic backgrounds, the inherited was sold and lived in a rented house, looking at Edgar, indeed the people of the nobility and the people were people too different.
"There, we see the show of fairies."
For the voice of Edgar, Lydia, could see a pink house.
People sniffing was meeting in the middle stage was the man to the cards and flowers float.
"Is not it an illusion?"
"The eyes can not see the fairies but do not be holding these cards?"
"Do not say you are the fairies."
"If that doctor says the tale, then she must be."
Completing the illusion, onstage began selling the "fairy egg."
It was shaped like a crystal ball. It is said that inside she is a fairy. They used to see the fortune, and had heard it was very popular among young women.
Buying one, Edgar handed the egg to Lydia.
"The content, how are you?"
"It seems that there is nothing inside."
"That magician, made a contract with a street artist. All the time, was dressed up and name changes, with several projects, but I think it is a person of suspicion. "
"At least, this crystal ball is not caught a fairy. Look, the color is dark glass also is not beautiful, "the center does not see that there is a cavity? Something they would like the fairies, fall within the object, but if that happened would come to a place where the water was clean, that's what draws attention to the tale. "
"So why Lady Doris disappeared, is not the fault of the fairies?"
"Yes ... But that suing was not the tale, we must investigate further."
Lydia thinking at the time, returned the crystal ball to Edgar.
At the time, inside the house heard the sound of breaking glass. "Ahh!" Was heard the cry of pain from a woman. It seems that someone had broken the fairy egg.
It seems that would have made magic around broken glass.
The fragments hurt people, riots in the place.
To calm people, the magician raised his voice.
"Ahhh, ladies, be careful when dealing with the fairies. I ask you, do not treat them violently and not say insults. The eggs could be disturbed and explode. "
"... What a way to calm them down."
Lydia whispered.
"The temperature makes the gas expand. Cherry pop out, but those fragments that makes people at risk. "
"Hey, Lydia, up!"
Nico's voice heard.
The cat had hidden his face, looking up Lydia, on the roof of the shed near the beam found the figure of a fairy.
He was big as the size of a baby's face was wrinkled, his body was covered with hair and small horns, Bogey was the beast.
In the beam was the fairy sat laughing, looking down.
(Oh, can you see me?)
Suddenly wiping his figure.
Turning his head, looked at Lydia Edgar taking the fairy egg.
"Edgar! Throw it! "
Lydia quickly picked up the object in his hand was Edgar. He went outside the house and throwing it at the time, the glass exploded.
Not knowing what was happening, Edgar reaction, and exits the booth.
Lydia looking around, I could not find the figure of the fairy.
"Bogey was a beast."
"Bogey ... ... I've heard of that but, what kind of fairy was?"
"A malicious fairy. Its nature is a little devil. It is not clever but it is the type of Unseel Court. "
"So was he," which went into the house and broke the fairy egg? "
"Perhaps, for people not to worry about the magician threw cherry but I guess the beast Bogey was watching the situation."
Perhaps his appearance was by chance? or perhaps, did he have any relationship with the fairy egg?
If that were, on the subject of Lady Doris, it was too early to say it was not involved with any fairy.
Thinking Lydia, Edgar raised her hand.
"Do you have a wound?"
At the moment it launched, the fragments of glass had cut his hand. In the fingertip blood was coming out.
To check him out his glove, the wound had not been so deep.
"Okay. Licking a little bit, be cured. "
Saying this, he had a presentiment Lydia, quickly withdrew his hand, Edgar was in front of you.
"Why are you running?"
"What's Up?, I know what you thought to do."
"I thought to heal the wound."
He was smiling.
"No thanks."
In truth, I could not lower our guard.
Lydia is walking quickly, Edgar was invited to take a ride on the lake by boat.
He had said they could have some fun, not to have said that he had repented, began to darken in the Cremorne Gardens, the lights began to illuminate the space, gradually attracted by the charm of the people.
Edgar has not planned to return home.


"What have you done? Almost do the count received a wound! "
An orange-haired girl, was uncomfortable. That was the figure of the fairy, were not there people who could not see it?
Shouting alone attracted attention, the girl approached the shadow of the leaning tree, and thus lowering his voice.
"I told you point to that woman!"
(But Miss, she could see me. Ahh, could not only me, also realized that it was I who broke the glass. She is a fairy doctor.)
"What are you trying to say with that? You are my servant, do not say things you agree! "
(... ... Yes, miss.)
"It starts a bad omen, things that scare you. As with Doris, is not this better than here in London. "
Having said that, he kicked the hem of her skirt, and walked away.
An auburn-haired girl, was walking beside the Count.
Being from the family of Count, Edgar Ashenbert with a girl, both seemed to be the same age.
Confused by its green eyes, was not a beautiful person, I thought she was better to side with the earl.
He was a servant to a fairy, intended to continue using the magical power, she had great confidence in itself.
(Umph, that lady was. You're only the servant of my lord.)
Bogey saying the beast, Nico was up in the tree listening.
(It is thought very important. I'm just behaving, that is what my master told him to do. Ah, now look, little girl.)
Raising his fist he said a few insults, Bogey beast began to think with his hand on his chin.
(But the fairy doctor can do? If it is a nuisance, the efforts of my Lord would be in vain.)
Speaking alone, the Bogey Beast gradually disappeared.
"I see, it seems that it will become a nuisance."
Slowly swinging his tail, Nico whispered.
"That gentleman of, todoloveenformadebrom a, nodiceloqueest to thinking, should i atenerm to scuidado.
 C A P I T U L O 3
 -0ã0é0á0ë0h0 0ì0ó0 ª ° 0
 (C aramelto O range / C arameloy aranja N),
 N ohabiendoviento, seencontrabasilencios alasuperficiedellago, while as the boat glided. The headlights illuminated the decorated boat, the lake's surface with the light and elegance mixed pot, creating a colorful tone like a dream.
Lydia, London wondered how many people had had free time. In another pot, a couple who were chatting amicably.
Of course, for the upper class did not need work, like Edgar who seemed to have much free time. Ten people were up by boat at the dock Raven was waiting.
While only 3 in the boat, rowed Raven, leading by a wide canal.
"It's the Christmas fireworks Cremorne Gardens. Seeing them in the lake in a car seat first. "
"Did you see fireworks?"
"So, did you seen him?"
"So I have luck. I'll see your new expressions. "
Raven opened a bottle of champagne. He handed her a thin glass, "observed the gold-colored liquid, feeling a little dizzy.
"Let's make a toast. For my fearless fairy. "
"Saying fearless ..."
"Did not I recently saved? So you had a wound. "
Enlarged the whole thing. Besides, "my" was unnecessary.
But he wondered, no matter how embarrassing words used Edgar, I thought it was typical of him.
More to get used to people, was friendly, acted like a gentleman, was not anyone who could see every day.
The cushions were made out in the long bench, but felt that Edgar was very close to it, and having emptied his glass of champagne.
"Where did you see the fireworks?"
Saying that, he asked that question because I was doing.
Indeed Lydia had decided not to ask anything about Edgar's past.
It was very difficult, if I knew too many questions would not want to have a different relationship.
Born and raised among the nobles, but were within a plot, killing his entire family after it was bought by a millionaire in America. After fleeing, did everything to survive ...
Heard vague things, but he thought if he heard more bad things, Lydia still did not want to hear anything.
Outside of normal subjects, preferred to avoid discussions of his past.
"As a child, in the main house had fireworks for a party. In the field, had a natural lake, very similar to this form where many boats were floating. "
In reply, sighed with relief. His miserable life in America, he did not remember that.
But he may have inherited the mansion and vast lands, Lydia did not know the origins of it or the name of his home, thinking that everything must be lost have been very difficult.
At that time was meeting his family and friends, not having to hide their presence, may have smiled innocently.
Thinking of both, Lydia did not want things necessary. If you shared the last of that person, so you share in the future.
Lydia remain silent, Edgar did not seem satisfied.
"Will not you ask more?"
"Huh? ... Well, not that I do not care but I have no interest in your past. "
"Ah, I see."
Ahhh again, I said something that hurt him.
"It's not that, that, I think it is more important now than the past. Besides, you are the Count, your past, I think it is my duty to know. "
I felt disgust for the appearance of what he had said, and he was hiding.
"Then, talking about a person I knew. You know him, had a fairy agate egg. "
Edgar was showing interest in the stone interesting "fairy egg." Thinking about it, Lydia turned her head.
"Yes, I confirmed after the conversation with Professor Carlton. It is an anecdote, he had the seal of a demon, I am not mistaken it was the fairy egg. But he disappeared as a child. "
"Why disappear?"
"I well remember that, but the fogman took him."
And the word jumped fogman. Edgar because he was so interested in that, there must be some reason.
"He could not believe what had happened, was in a dark place. Having been abducted by the devil, you could move a little, but could not escape. And in that place, a fairy appeared in the figure of a little girls. It was a beautiful fairy, wearing some nice clothes. But he had never seen a fairy, she thought at the time that he was in a dream. So called for help. After that, Lydia, they started talking, the fairies in the form of girls said they wanted something in return. The only thing that held the boy, was the fairy egg. Then he surrendered. The little girls said they would help as they disappeared. "
Silent, Edgar looked at the sky. Still, there stood the fireworks.
"So, rescued the boy?"
"No. You know maybe he still in the dark, was in a store. They took it as a commodity, being sold, going to the boat. "
Edgar being sold into slavery, "were not in the same place?
"Still that person is in America?"
"He died."
"He asked ... do you look for the fairy egg?"
"No, Lydia. He wants to meet. If that had happened, and it would have taken fogman, no one could help, he really, I think that is still in the dark. That's why, now I want to help somehow. And here I have, my good doctor tale. "
I wanted to save one person dead. It was unlike Edgar, he said something interesting.
Not knowing their true intentions, only looked at Lydia.
"Got lost in the fog of London ... ... ...., Talking said he never knew his whereabouts, if he had managed to leave the fog had not died. Lydia, will not you save him? "
He spoke with a serene face. I did not understand the situation impossible, ask to save someone, suddenly, it was because they felt that both had been in the same situation.
The disappearance of Lady Doris, did not think a person who saw only talk fogman logic, Lydia wondered why there must be some relation to that.
It was not necessary to know the past of Edgar. But his past were painful events, Lydia thought that should not be indifferent to the situation.
"I will try to do everything possible ..."
He had asked for help from Lydia, said not knowing the situation. If you say something stupid, their services would have to pay but did not think he was lying in pain in his heart, Lydia felt confused.
Unexpectedly were very close.
He got nervous, can not move, it was like a lion that had caught the mouse.
I was afraid but he had blond hair elegantly like a lion. If their prey, a thin smile, looking at his lips.
Huh? Q-What is that! I could not believe she was drunk with just a glass of champagne.
Lydia felt as if the mouse does not think it was romantic but he tenderly took his shoulder.
"I was thinking, if you smell of chamomile. It's the same flavor of the cookies. "
What should I do, I was thinking.
"Ah, the fireworks!"
Hearing the sound, light opened up in the sky.
Lydia in a moment, did not remove his eyes to look for the first time the fireworks.
"Ahhh, awesome! It's beautiful ... "
At that time she was seeing a strange thing to jump into the sky. Looking at the sky, Lydia excited about the fireworks, Edgar laughed.
Why are you laughing, what's weird?
"Q-What? It is amazing. Ah, comes next. "
"No nothing, is that compared to the fireworks, they can steal your heart."
It has a lot of confidence, which is why Edgar was laughing, agaze looked happy.
When you drink the champagne, Raven came forward to serve. But Edgar, firmly refused.
Evading Edgar's jokes, the shadow was seen near a boat, Raven was the first to approach.
Caution had whatever that was close to his master was running a cool look, the boat where he was the figure of a high society girl showed her dress.
"Is not Count? What a surprise! "
His curly hair was orange. His skin white as porcelain dolls and her big eyes, was a very beautiful girl.
"I am Lady Rosalie Waltpaul How are you?"
"Waltpaul? It will not be part of the family "the baron?
If it was, the Baroness lived with a cousin who was a year older than she and her uncle.
Next to the girl, was a man of about 30. Seen as having a lot of money, and it was nice. She introduced her uncle, was called Graham Parseltongue.
"Nice to meet you, Count Ashenbert. We just greeted each other, but several times I've seen in the Piccadilly club. "
He took off his hat to greet, Edgar also bowed his head.
"Ahh, I heard rumors there was a very sociable playboy, Mr. Graham, are you?"
It seemed that was the same guy who liked women. Or would be, they were rivals?, Lydia could feel the laughter of Edgar appeared to be cold.
"Earl, is this person?"
He felt a look of curiosity and contempt, when the girl was going to Lydia, he seemed to be evaluated, looking from top to bottom, Lydia was a little upset.
"Lydia Carlton"
"What Carlton? What is the work of his father? "
"I am the doctor of fairies."
Daughters classified by the positions of their parents, but it was very natural, Lydia said to dislike.
"So are you one of those rumors," the specialist tale? I think we have the same age, it seems that the work we have is very difficult, right? "
They did not work the daughters of good family. He understood the meaning of contempt but proudly wore the name of Dr. tale, so I did not care much what he had said.
"More than a job, she is my mentor, being more like a partner."
"But the count," you have not hired? "
More seems to use me.
"Rosalie," King Arthur was not as subject to the wizard Merlin? It is more or less so that we can equate the relationship. "
Seeing as how he defended, against their wishes, Lydia felt her heart beating a little.
"It's wonderful, but if I had my way, instead of using a witch I would choose a princess."
Miss was considerably absurd.
"By the way, always went along with Lady Doris?"
Edgar had made a very bold question. Lydia was concerned but not surprised Rosalie answered.
"His physical condition is bad, is now resting in the field."
"Wow, that's terrible. You must feel very lonely. "
 "This is but Doris is very shy, I've always been by her side. No need to care for her, so she said to come. "
Lydia thought she had said with great conviction. But the whereabouts of the premium was unknown. Or, did the girl was hiding the situation?
"Apart from that count," I can go there? It seems that with her friend Lydia are having fun and thinking of going with you. "
That girl, it seems like Edgar.
It also appeared to be a girl showing her feelings freely. Looking sideways, Lydia regarded as a rival.
"Rosalie, is a lack of education."
His uncle rebuked.
"No, Mr. Graham. I do not bother me. "
But Edgar, did not reject the request of the girl.
"Really? I'm happy. My uncle brought me but, not having young people I can not talk. "
"There are young people."
"Dude, change your title soon playboy, you should marry."
Forced smile, the girl's uncle looked at Edgar.
"I take the liberty to abuse your kindness, Count, I hope my niece. In truth, I have business to attend to, had told him that we had to return but had been disturbed. "
As I thought, would not say the same thing to another person.
It was becoming more intense look that challenged Lydia Rosalie and disliked, were the fireworks but thought it was no longer fun.
"Just, Edgar, I must return."
"Huh?, Why?"
"If my father returned late to worry."
He put a little sad face, but that was it.
"I see, then Raven, Lydia leads please."
So it's not going to stop me.
... Not that I think of something else.
The beautiful girl who looked like a doll, moving the boat at the dock, he went cheerfully, Edgar moved quickly to it.
So would not both a time of courtship?
Muttering that he did not care, Lydia was separated from the lake.


A woman, rather than receiving a bouquet from a man great, they are pleased when the man who likes to collect flowers from the road.
While in his room, the window was the margarita, he remembered what he had said Edgar.
Lydia had been satisfied that Mr Langley would have treated her like a normal girl.
For Edgar, a girl treated her like a lady ... but why could not feel happy?
He was afraid of being happy, I could not let such feelings.
Should maintain a distance, if penetrated would be all in disorder.
That sentiment could not understand it unfair, and Lydia was afraid.
On the table was lit, Lydia does not move forward with the page of a book, closes it and get another book, opening the lid.
He raised the violet that he had kept in the book, I thought dropping, but recalled that the purple was not his fault.
That flower was the only one who had collected and brought home, easily had liked, but there was a deeper feeling.
I thought only that its light color was rare, it was almost like the color of the eyes of Edgar, but that's not related.
However, Edgar's words were not going to confuse. From the beginning she understood but thought she was just so nice, Lydia felt in his heart trouble.
"I see, it seems that does not like a simple girl."
What had happened was not going to put in a bad mood, to dump that feeling deep breath.
"Hey, Lydia"
Rushing closes the book. Nico turning found standing at the door. He entered the room, walking with his two hind legs.
"Why are you giddy?"
"No, nothing"
"I followed the Bogey Beast. Then he entered the house of Baron Waltpaul. "
"Saying the Baron, Is not the former home of Lady Doris?"
"Maybe. But the beast Bogey was forced to make a prank by a girl who had curly hair orange
"... Rosalie?"
"His name I do not know.
But she was in the Cremorne Gardens, said he would like the same thing happen to you happened to Doris. It seems that the Count wants to be around, so maybe you should be careful. "
But I did not think she could use a beast Bogey. At that time, did you want to do that Lydia received a wound?
In addition to what he had heard, like Doris said.
"But Nico, is the beast Bogey following the orders of the girl?"
"No, it seems that was another gentleman who follow what he was saying. For the sake of his master, was following the orders of the girl. "
"Who is your master?"
"I do not know, but it seems that this girl does not know the existence of this man."
Being able to see the fairies, people who are down with them and have no knowledge of the tale, can be dangerous. That is why in ancient times, people had problems with fairies, which is why doctors sought help tale.
Above all, the fairy who likes only mischief, intentionally let people see your picture and can also talk to them.
To see or not see, hear or not hear, from what was dangerous was why people wanted to know how to avoid them, now there were people who could teach him.
But if Rosalie was the girl, Nico Bogey had said the beast was using and that she did not know the existence of the true lord, if you hung out with the fairies, if you did not know and could not understand, you might get an amazing power.
She was in danger.
The disappearance of Doris and the desire to Rosalie, had he attended the Bogey Beast, Rosalie was going to trap the beast Bogey.
To learn about Doris, had to break the relationship between Rosalie and the Bogey Beast. But the girl, "listen quietly to Lydia?
Now looking at that attitude, I thought that was impossible.
In one way or another, thought the situation was complicated on the subject of Lady Doris. He also recalled on Edgar, the "fairy egg" and fogman.
Used as a crystal ball to make predictions, an agate that was unrelated. But I kept thinking of Edgar.
Just linking around, why he clung to that. Why?
The Fairy egg seemed to have no connection with the fogman, but he was afraid Lady Doris.
"... Eh?"
At one point, Lydia felt that everything is linked. She clung that, but could not understand.
Perhaps it was a premonition, again Edgar did not know what was hiding.


Waltpaul the baron was a new high-class family who owned much property. And the owner of all, Lady Doris was only 16 years.
10 years ago, her parents had died in a boating accident. In the same boat, the parents of his cousin Rosalie had died.
At the same time both had lost their parents, and that was why the two were raised together.
They were under the guardianship of a close relative to the family of Mr Graham Baron Parseltongue.
Since then, until you can inherit the Lady Doris, Rosalie and Graham have done what they wanted.
The Baroness and the striking calm premium. Rosalie naturally want to attract attention by being in the spotlight, taking his hand to Doris that blindly obeyed. But Doris range was higher. She was the Baroness. So the proud girl, Rosalie, I wanted to highlight more than Doris.
In front of people, often put to Doris in a bad attitude, and feeling superior.
Rosalie staying alone with Edgar, he said he was relieved because she was not.
Since childhood, she could not do anything by itself. He was weak and timid, that's why they made a promise to the fairy egg and if it broke the promise he said would come to punish fogman then was afraid, and escaped from London to the countryside. She said. It seemed that the girl he loved to talk.
Edgar asked when they would again, as it could get valuable information.
Asking that, "the girl cheerfully. He wanted to know where I could elicit information from the Baron, it was all too easy.
Now, the next era. As was to move the next piece.
Edgar thinking frowned.
It was all a game. He had to win and would do anything to it.
Losing, that idea was not in his head. Also at the game from the outset intended to win. It was just that.
What should I do to checkmate?
"Welcome, sir."
Receiving the butler, handed his hat and great coat, Edgar came to be in the hall approaching him Raven.
"Raven," Lydia? Were you jealous? "
"Was ... jealous?"
The question became disoriented Raven, bending the neck.
"If I see another girl with another partner, what if he is jealous one would realize it does not?"
"Ahhh, no I checked, I can not say whether or not she was jealous of Miss Lydia."
He replied very seriously.
"... I see. Forget it. "
"I can not judge, on such things."
He wore a living weapon, Raven could not feel his own emotions and will. More could not understand the feelings of others.
Apparently his eyes were jet black, but when these were light illuminated the dark green. In his village, said that in his body inhabited by a vengeful spirit.
Still the king, being an only child who was born to fight. He was noted for having combat skills. At the same time, their powers of feeling like people were very light, was cruelly, I thought of reasons, only take the lives of people.
The weapons were needed for war, the heart was not, there was no reason for there to be a perfect gentleman.
Edgar did not know if it really was that spirit, Raven was just a boy. But there could be a person who had no heart.
I did not use as a weapon, I wanted him to feel and think for yourself.
The king had been replaced by Edgar, not only served, was a trusted person to be faithful to serve.
That feeling, I thought it would be good slowly than his master approached others.
Upstairs in the lobby, opened his fourth, Edgar, turned his head remembering something important to charge him Raven.
"Well, you did what I asked?"
"I took Miss Lydia back home safe."
"Does anyone suspicious?"
"There was nobody."
Thinking, lay on the couch.
"They would learn to go with Lydia to Cremorne Gardens, having an opportunity for Lydia returned home alone, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity. Well, he would not act directly, send to his subordinates. "
"Excuse me, Mr. Edgar, will it still be used to Miss Lydia as a decoy?"
"Are you restless?"
"No, not that."
Lydia protect, and capture the attackers is what he said Edgar, but Raven that work would not be difficult.
Raven course meant that Lydia used as a decoy, was inconsiderate.
Seeing that he cared, he remembered what happened to Edgar and his sister, now she was not.
Raven's sister, Ermine, in seeking to be free to die immediately, again recalling that, Edgar was pain in his heart. Using Lydia, Ermine was against that, of course I was correcting Raven.
But Edgar did nothing, Lydia while in London, in addition to calling attention to be Dr. tale of the Count, the ability of it would be very important. In truth, he knew that a suspect watched people leaving and entering the residence, which is why he sent Raven to take care of Lydia at the time, and something had happened in the park.
At that time, in the dark fog did not understand the situation, appearing dogs, Raven could not verify the purpose of the criminal.
Anyway, if there was a menacing trap, Edgar thought quickly to put a decoy. To find out about the enemy, to remove the dangers, was Lydia for that.
There was also a larger goal in Edgar.
"I want to know who are the subordinates of the prince, we confirm. In London are, secretly use a boat, carrying orders that are stolen, sold to people as a commodity. "
In America, Edgar was locked, the person called Prince, was the suspect who ran an organization. Both your name as the goal of his organization was unknown, both Edgar and Raven and others who had fled had resentment towards that person.
His subordinates, in short, boarded the boat to the moribund Edgar, leading to America, by delivering it to the prince who was the ringleader, he wanted revenge, that is the true goal of Edgar.
To meet their circumstances, should investigate. But now, I could not tell if they were simple criminals or men of the prince.
"Do we choose another person to replace white to Miss Lydia? The other day at the park, I could not sue if it was by chance just a degenerate. "
"If a person with particular skills, I know the Prince will pay a lot of money. The prince likes to take his possessions to people with those skills, I know I drove up to a boat as several years ago in London, use the fog to kidnap people. If he is one of the subordinates of the prince, he must have set their sights on knowing that Lydia is a fairy doctor. Anyway he will make his move. "
On the orders of Prince Edgar was taken to America, was to fulfill his revenge on these people.
Then Edgar, to continue living, had declared their rebellion, and show it to the Prince thought.
"A little. I will avenge all my enemies. "
He mumbled in pain, squeezing forces.
Fleeing the prince, his side was his sister Raven. Apart from them, many people had been his friends.
But the prince severely persecuted, and Edgar could not protect.
"Mr. Edgar, revenge, is for my sister and her classmates? If so, do not think they want to do that. "
Maybe. But the person who suggested to escape and lead, was Edgar. They believed in him, could do nothing when their comrades were killed cruelly.
Having the name the count, and did not conceal its identity. He would not be easily trapped by the prince. Being quiet, certainly was protected, and could begin to lead a new life.
Could leave all her past. But he still remembered the sacrifice of their comrades, could not abandon that. If it were not for the strength of them, Edgar could not have escaped.
"Raven in the end, you're the only one left."
He murmured, her cheek in his hand. Raven standing, dutifully lowered his gaze.
"I would not have got here but is because the people who helped me to escape. I promised one to be free. "
"Excuse me."
"Why do you apologize?"
"... So that all should have no regrets. Looking back, I think is very happy. But ... I can not speak very well. "
"To say it enough, Raven."
Pausing, he hugged Raven.
In 18 years, this young man looked like a child of the East, now that young man, was the only reason that Edgar was still alive.
"What was that, Lydia? Could you say that again? "
"Well, yesterday at the Cremorne Gardens when Bogey beast appeared, it seems that it manipulates Rosalie."
"Not after that."
"What about the disappearance of Lady Doris, you may have regarding the Bogey Beast."
"It does not."
"It can be very dangerous for people who do not know much about the fairies are related to them, in short, we must listen to Miss Murray, she may hear your advice."
Why Edgar had a straight face? Was not good talking to girls?
"You can not? If you were talking, she obediently listen to you, seems the sort of people who do not accept the advice but it seems you're going to see again, right? "
"In other words, you're a little jealous, right?"
"... ... Ah?"
Lydia had gone to work in the mansion, before entering the office Edgar grabbed both going to the salon.
He quickly told him about what he had thought at night about Rosalie and Bogey Beast, but did not understand was what was happening inside the head of Edgar.
"I'm not jealous. You are free to be with anyone, so I will be grateful to avoid going from one place to another you. "
Ahh, why when I was with Edgar rigorous behaved.
"Do you really think that?"
Yes, that's what I think. Do what you want, would not it be nice to invite Miss Rosalie or another from a good family?
That was what he meant, but perhaps that would make it seem jealous.
But jealous, was not.

Earl and Fairy---Book 2 PART 2

"No, do not hate you so much ..."
"So you like me?"
No matter if it was any girl, gave a sweet smile pleasantly watching fantasy.
"N ... is not either! I'm just the tale of Dr. Count's family, more or less than that I'm not, please do not say any more nonsense. And please release my hand. "
Looking at his eyes, thought Lydia had said something firmly.
Edgar forced smile, he dropped her hand, would not allow no charm, no harm was to receive his state of mind right?
"I understood. Then talk about something that will make you happy. Fogman Do you know about? "
She was on her back, involuntarily turned to see him.
"What happens to the fogman?"
"Umm, talk about fairies, your green eyes shine blonde. For now, my opponent is stronger. "
Lydia was not listening more than the words of Edgar. It was agreed just what had attacked in the park.
Of course this was not a fairy had been a person, but hitherto fogman stories, which thought it was a fatality.
"By the way, I want to give your opinion on what has come to say a lady. 've Spent a long time ago by a terrible situation, if you're tired, could meet you? "

Lydia looking out of the room, Nico was sitting on the pad across the legs.
"A-hhh, really like a count."
Taking a silver spoon, looking at his reflection straightening his tie.
As a top fairy, he could disappear whenever I wanted.
He could be mistaken for a cat, now resembled the noble looking gray tail rust, his eyes like a jewel, and he liked his handsome mustache.
"What is happening? I know that guy is bad, Lydia does not allow bad things, better get out of here. "
Nico saying, the rank of earl had Edgar and Lydia could get in and out of his mansion, so thinking it was not so bad after all.
In addition, there was tea in the best quality.
Both the food and drink were good. The atmosphere of London was bad, it was an ugly city but there were good things.
"But, listening to their drama, the tea is cold."
"Do you want to fix it?"
Entering the room was the butler.
"Ahh, I request that this hot."
Nico presented the cup.
The butler had the blood of Merrow, quickly realized the figure of Nico. So why Nico left to hide.
Edgar Nico weakly sensed but not yet accepted, anyway went as a cat.
Before there were numerous times that he was hiding, that is why no obligation to disclose the secret.
Exercised often inconsistent, it was incomprehensible to recognize its existence.
"Lord Butler, that count, you know what plot?"
"Ah, who?"
Waring Darjeeling tea, the butler did not answer.
"Lately, I've seen has been just the neighborhoods. As always we can not assume that goes all the way fashion is a mix of ordinary people with a figure a bit dirty. "
"Are not you confusing person?"
"No I was wrong. Although hiding her blonde hair and his hat can not hide its existence. Because it highlights a lot. You also get it right? That is bad that I do not know, but it's the atmosphere that goes with it. "
"It may be true."
"And three days ago, he left his carriage up to a girl who was he?"
"Who let up?"
"Lady Waltpaul ... it seems that is named after it is over. What will pretend that guy? "
"Well, I do not know."
"Mmm, how Butler can not say what your master? He got a good steward. "
Tompkins had thick lips and a crooked smile.
Nico licked with an air of invitation, was the guilt that seems to Merrow.
Nico suddenly realized that the tinned food was on the table.
"Yes, you can open it. Can. "
"So just what is going to eat?"
"I just want to try a little."
From his pocket, pulled out a chisel. What else would entail, Nico was admired.
Actually what would be the richest food in London, Nico stared into the can while swallowing saliva. At that time, saw that the tin gently stirred.
She refused to be eaten by Nico, feeling hostility.
When the butler was a point of making a hole to open, Nico stopped him.
Then he went to the can, looking, slightly bared his fangs.
Putting it back on the table, tried to flee moving slightly.
What would it be?, Something mysterious was in?
But the can was sealed at the top, opening one could see the contents of this, not knowing what was inside, open it recklessly would be very dangerous.
"However, I no longer want to try."
With his arms folded, looking Nico said the can.


The person who came to ask for advice, Lydia entering the room through the southern part, was a woman having an expression of concern rose.
"Sorry for the delay, Miss Marl. She is Dr. tale, Miss Lydia Carlton. "
Hearing this, she relaxed a little expression.
"Well, here it is ... The witches are the image of being old women. It has proved a young lady, I would talk about something scary. "
The doctors are not witches tale, I wanted to respond, there was a big misunderstanding, I wanted to tell that person his error.
"Do not worry. If it refers to the fairies, there is nothing that should be afraid. "
Edgar, Mrs. Marl invited to sit in the chair.
"So perhaps the Baroness Waltpaul Doris was taken by the fogman?"
Mrs. Marl He settled the question that led Edgar.
"That's right. Miss the last three days since coming home. Leaving the day to help charity, in that place he lost his companion that's what the maid said, after that no one knows his whereabouts. "
The baroness was lost. Also speaking that fogman had abducted her. It was a serious matter, Lydia felt tense.
On the explanation of Mrs. Marl, Miss Waltpaul of 16 years had no parents, their care was his uncle, and lived with her older cousin.
Baroness Waltpaul formerly had a governess to the lady, who resigned to marry but with Miss had a friend. The distant relative of the Baroness, seemed not to care about his whereabouts, however her friend wanted to know.
But in this situation, a lady of high society to relate to someone after being proposed marriage was a disgrace, the family of the Baroness in particular sent for, so the lady spoke of fogman, it seemed that laughing the situation.
Well, Lydia knew very well that people laughed at her when she spoke of fairies.
But there was Mrs. Marl concerns, after all, Lady Doris was involved in a situation, having become a strange situation and to learn about something called Edgar's advice.
He had the confidence that was very sincere. Perhaps he had been deceived, that's what I thought Lydia.
But Miss Marl was still young, was considered a beautiful person, felt that Edgar was putting a good face.
"That day, there was a mist that could not even see where they walked right?"
Edgar said.
Not only that, you'd think the same, no manifest that would have kidnapped fogman.
"But why fogman? Although there was no fog that day, ... .. these days, few people know of its existence. "
"If, in fact I also think that ... ... Sorry, I have come to ask for a consultation. But there is evidence that the fog has disappeared. Also, the lady, as a fairy fogman believed in his existence. "The fairy egg" excited playing with it. Playing asked for divination, if it broke the promise with the fairy, said the fogman coming to punish them, think it's terrible, not because I liked it. "
"" The Fairy egg?
"Do not you know that, Lydia? It is fashionable among girls. "
Why Edgar girls knew about games? I wanted to ask this, but thought it was a silly question.
"You write the alphabet on paper put over it a crystal ball and a coin. Addressed those gathered at the top of the coin, then the ball of glass will be the fairy who called. They will promise to be friends, "the fairy egg" is an oath, their questions will be answered by the fairy. In the questions, as they see the fairy, the currency moves in the alphabet, understands the thinking of people and who will fall in love, what the other person thinks about you, anything you teach him. "
"You've done it right?"
"Of course. It's fun, they are all excited and shouting. In the future your boyfriend be? Any questions do you start putting your own and move, being aware of it, you can easily woo that person. "
That, useless man.
Lydia gave him a nasty look, and got a wry laugh. But looking at the face of the lady, suddenly saw the latter's serious face.
"That's why Mrs. Marl, egg fairy is just a game. Not only there are no fairies, anyone can play it intentionally, or unconsciously move the coin. Just the girls, believe the power of the fairies, the promise is broken to release the money when you're asking the question, the fairy will be upset but only gives a little scary. "
"But, do not say there are no fairies. They like the jokes. The crystal ball you might want to fairies, it has been reported that with what you can give divinations. "
The lady seemed to be distressed.
"Saying this, if the humor of the fairies had been injured, no need to abduct you, right?"
"Truth ... I do not want to say this but the fogman, to participate in playing with the coin is not a fairy. It looks like a mass of bad intentions, saying this is a demon spirit. He does not deal with people. "
Well, leaving a frightened voice, the lady shook.
"Edgar, playing the fairy egg, is it true of fogman punishment?"
"Well, when I participated, the words of fogman did not leave. Only "fairy." The girls were concerned about the punishment, but it was not that bad. "
"... .. Well. Do not think it's good to play with it. Moreover, only links the fairy egg game with fogman and Lady Doris. "
"But Lydia, putting full stop, the fairies who likes playing pranks have the ability to take you."
"Now we are at another point."
"What will you do? Does this work is in your area? "
The act of the fairy or artificial facts needed to verify them. Lydia was confused, and turned to look at the lady.
"Sure, I shall investigate. I want to be a bit more useful. "
"Sorry ..."
Suddenly, Mrs. Marl suspiciously, spoke.
"Now, we can look to the lady, you can ask a crystal ball, I wondered if I could do."
Either way, the duty of doctors tale, had been confused with those of the mediums and diviners.
"Hey, I can not do magic. About the fairies know a bit about them, I can only look for what key has been left in the fairy. "
With that, Mrs. Marl seemed discouraged.
In that situation, Lydia also became depressed.
The woman had come to find answers. Whether the response would have been absurd, was a person who had an incredible force, had the expectation to be told where he was the Baroness whether in this world or another.
With a mysterious force begged with his eyes, the doctor had a sober tale force, wanted to understand many things, but could not.
That's why we always related to the change of people to look into the eyes of the person.
"Lady Marl then, is there any meaning? You want to find a person, Lydia can search for a fairy. Lady Doris anywhere you are, just might have seen fairies. "
Edgar saying. She got better, having heard the explanation.
"Yeah, well. Please, Miss Carlton, I leave it in your hands. "
Lydia nodded in appreciation.
Edgar winked. He understood that he wanted an assist in a serious situation had no concern whatsoever behaving recklessly.
Edgar knew about the strange tale of a doctor. He himself, originally, perhaps had expectations of the capacity of Lydia for the fairies, but from the beginning, he did not consider that too strange or frightening.
I knew he was a villain but I could not leave, the reason was, if any should not it? Until then, there were people who wanted to utilize the power of Lydia, but Edgar was the first who did not reject it.
Perhaps it is why not give him back.
"Earl, thank you very much. The conversation of the fairies may have been a subject of mockery, thanks for being the only one I've ever heard. "
Mrs. Marl had partly regained calm when he had looked at Edgar.
"In addition, Dr. fairy gave me encouragement. On the fairies, I and others can not do anything about it. "
Huh? "Edgar is what he said?
Lydia thought something was amiss.
No matter who thought Edgar, this time it was the fault of the fairies. Egg Divination fairy, was to assert that this game had nothing strange. By him, the doctor in charge all tale, was not irresponsible on your part?
No particular reason, deliberately had taken this matter to Lydia.
"Absurdly, I met Lady Doris, I am very worried about her."
Laughing merrily, Lydia gave him a suspicious look.
On reflection, does he was a person who genuinely wanted to save a person?
Or perhaps he wanted to appear to be a good person in front of a woman?
I did not know what happened but there must be some reason for that. Is not that something that this plotting?
At that time, thinking, "he is not the perpetrator?, There was no basis to commit a crime, but there was no doubt it was a thief.












                                                                          U0 ® 0ü0Ó0ü0 0È0n0-Y ¹ ¾ | uS
 (B ogey B eastno And hint ousei T / E l H adahuevode B ogey B east)
 Q u é e x t r a ñ o. "P ens to ndolobiennoeraextra ñ o?
 L ydiaseencontrabaenlac ocinadesucasa, mientrashorneabagalle tas, and sixty ainquieta.
 Udabade D E dgar, perhaps ssepropon í aalge, from fter that heard the conversation that took Nico.
Nico told him that Edgar had met with Baroness Doris Waltpaul just the day she disappeared. He had climbed into the carriage, Mrs. Marl accidentally did not know what happened, maybe Edgar had not even talked about that.
"Do not tell me?," He abducted her? "
Fogman spreading the rumor, the fear, that linked with the kidnapping tale to tell.
I knew Edgar was a criminal but on second thought ... I could not understand.
"But why would you?"
"To sell it, could get money from a pretty young girl."
Nico showed her figure above the kitchen. Carrying the precious whiskey Lydia's father.
"Money? I think not. "
Perhaps not seem to have problems with money, for the Earl of England, now had money and position, being new to criminal hands dirty for reasons of money, it was a great risk that could not even think.
Now there was no reason for him to cross a dangerous bridge. But I had enough points to have confidence in him.
"But I said, he changed his clothes to leave, going to the taverns of the docks and the suburbs. Smells like a criminal. After going in and out of casinos, it is not uncommon that you like to bet. To you do find the whereabouts of the Baroness to mislead other people. "
Nico said that opening the bottle of whiskey, Lydia suddenly grabbed the bottle.
"Enough, stop taking things from my father."
Putting a face of disgust, Nico Lydia threw a role.
"Look at this, I found this in your room."
Gathering it was a piece of tabloid cut.
"London Fog disappears children ... Is it a criminal organization that sells people?"
It was a matter of people in London who wanted to save a young, the young man was kidnapped in London, said it had been sold to a farm, which had led him to a boat, saying he had spent the same circumstances and girls boys.
"In every corner of London, on several occasions suddenly disappeared children. People have an obsession with the idea of "fogman" as if it were true, in these circumstances, no one knows the whereabouts of missing children. "
I could not believe it.
"He has met other items very similar. This up to no good, no doubt about it. Perhaps you planned to do the same but that's not related. "
"... Are you saying that this is the work of Edgar? Raven was the murderer. "
"Mmm, well I'm not sure but, nevertheless, this guy is very dangerous. Lydia, do not come back to Scotland? Saying this, the Count and the boy with green eyes are not good people. "
Edgar had told him earlier he had been sold into slavery. Also those items that had been collected, it would be possible that he was looking for that.
He was someone who had been deprived of their liberty, being a person who experienced the fact of having been sold, someone would think to sell?
Thinking, Lydia did not know how the world worked.
"Miss, cookies are burning."
Listening to the voice of the maid, looked hastily. He took the tray almost burned.
"Good. I have not bake but perhaps almost have the same taste than my mother. "
It was Sunday. Being a day that was rarely at home. Both in the morning had gone to church, afternoon tea, Lydia had used her mother's recipe to prepare a sweet. Putting aside the idea of Edgar, wanted to spend a peaceful holiday.
There was no comparison with the palace of Edgar but living in the house of his father, had employed a maid and a cook. For Lydia was not necessary to do things at home, but like her mother, she thought she had a duty to bake cookies.
His mother had been a fairy doctor, some herbs have been introduced in the cookies, the purpose being to drive the tale.
Lydia had put half the fire, another thing was to put the cookies in the window. Nico had bitten long ago some cookies.
Asked the maid to serve tea, gathered several biscuits on a plate and went to the living room.
He heard his father spoke with a man, had been his pupil Langley. "
"Ahh, Miss Lydia, sorry to bother."
"Good afternoon, Mr. Langley. Just in time. I made some cookies, please please. "
"Thanks. Professor Carlton, when Miss Lydia is here, the house suddenly becomes bright. "
"Are you telling me that the house is dark?"
Piedras, samples of skeletons and dissection of strange animals were scattered in the living room, any normal visit in just five minutes was retiring.
"More than dark, if a woman was near it would be very difficult. Can we save the skeletons, no? Also for the sake of Miss Lydia. "
Mr. Carlton was an innocent person, seeing the deplorable situation, lifting his glasses spun round the room.
"For me it is a quiet but for Lydia, how true this is awful, no?"
"No father at all."
"Ahh, as I expected from the daughter of a science teacher. You are a woman who understands many things, very happy being single this student who is lucky enough to have come here. "
Langley saying, she was 27 and was unmarried.
"Hey, Lydia came to court?"
"Professor, could it be that you are concerned? Besides me think that there must be other people interested, if Miss Lydia got a boyfriend would be terrible for you. "
"Lydia is still a child."
When he came, Mr. Carlton was Lydia like a child, having separated from her for several years, but now was looking after.
Count the natural player with the attitude he had on Lydia, Mr. Carlton had received a shock.
The servant bringing tea, Nico took care of his mouth. Sitting next to Lydia, Nico lifted the cup with the saucer but could not see Langley. Do you even would have noticed that there was a cat? Not be surprised by something I had no knowledge.
About Nico, was formerly the partner of the mother of Lydia, Lydia's father Nico regarded as a strange talking cat, having spent 2 years after his marriage, he thought that Langley was in the same situation.
They study the same view, both as the father of Lydia Langley seemed, thought Lydia.
It seemed like a trustworthy person. As a student was excellent but for other things seemed to be useless.
Getting to his mouth a cracker, Lydia was happy, looked at her smiling father, were passing a tranquil holiday evening.
Also on Sunday, was the day that he saw the face of that gentleman villain, he thought in disgust.
But just at that moment the servant appeared.
"Lord, has the count Ashenbert. It appears that you have issues with the lady. "
"Huh? No. Let him go! "
Lydia said that mirroring.
"Lydia, you can not refuse and the count. I come here, please. "
Having said that his father, Lydia felt exhausted and fell exhausted into the chair.
Edgar was not the true count but Mr. Carlton was inaccurate. But he recognized it as royalty also had no problem call count.
For Carlton, Edgar was an aristocrat, no matter how you look, it was strange.
It must be because Edgar, recognized and sought help from Dr. Lydia as fairy, employment for the Count, and let him without saying anything.
Originally there was no reason to reject it on the job, not only the conditions were the problem, had not taken into account its commitment.
After you have acknowledged, to Mr. Carlton, Edgar was the person who gave employment to his daughter and was Earl, "would keep him respect?
Edgar appearing in the living room, as was always elegantly.
He seemed to go out at night, wearing a black coat at night with a burgundy vest. What stood out most of the boy was his shiny blond hair and angelic smile.
Perhaps it was a demon inside.
"We apologize for the intrusion, Professor Carlton."
"Welcome, Count. Thanks for always taking care of my daughter. "
"No, it's me."
Giving his hat to the maid, had no impediment to giving the greeting Lydia's father shook his hand and glancing showed a melancholy mood.
Mr. Carlton presented him to Langley, and Lydia opened her mouth.
"And, what subject you want with me?"
"Lydia is a lack of education. Conde, please. Would not you like tea? Lydia to bake cookies. "





"I am very interested. The prove. "
Say you are interested, there is food from a stranger.
Lydia made a feeble brows.
Edgar smiled when he saw Lydia intentionally sat down beside him. Nico was settled where, taking him by the neck.
Nico angry insulted, maybe they could only hear the snorts of a cat?
"I see, has a mysterious flavor."
Edgar said, when the cookie in their mouth.
"Just say it is not for your mouth."
"I'm realizing what your morals."
Mr. Carlton coughed on purpose.
"A professor said Carlton the other day, I saw your new book."
Edgar suddenly changed the subject, presented a serious figure to Professor Carlton.
"Wow, do you have an interest in science?"
"It's nature more background knowledge of things that are hidden. It must be wonderful to talk about things that amazes students. Analysis has taken on crystals, I have the urge to know more about that. "
He started having a conversation, managed to easily call the attention of Mr. Carlton. Other people were treated as students, and seeing him in the position of a young student, a precise answer and ask what excited.
Still, it seems that Edgar is not always used his ability to attract and win over women. Perhaps also for other people, had another way for people to look him favorably.
His knowledge of how to live, it seems certain that would have looked at the book, seeing it from the perspective of the daughter of the scientist had taken his father's more of what was not sure. But for a moment I could not understand his father. That's what I meant at least.
"Saying this teacher, looking at some old documents, is there a stone called the fairy egg?"
Edgar talking about that, it called attention to Lydia.
On the fairy egg, was related to the case of the baroness. Edgar also did not know that issue in doubt.
"If there is a stone and call."
"Father," That egg is fairy real? "
"It is a mineral. It has a romantic name. It is a rare agate. "
"Saying that is an Agate, what?"
The cabinet was decorated, inside there were many stones, smaller than a child's head had a rough stone.
Mr. Carlton stopping, pulling the cabinet put it on the table.
The exterior of the stone was not as black or rough. I did not think that inside, would have a pale stripes.
"Looking at that agate, seem to have put something inside the stone egg. If you break the shell, would be content. "
Edgar had a deep interest while keeping his eyes on the agate was on the table, breaking in two, a bright portion of the agate.
"But to call this agate, fairy egg, would not have much to do, no?"
"He was named so by the very peculiarity of agate. There was this kind of genre. In the documents, told of a beautiful stone milk and green colored stripes. Color was a type of mint that was foreign in nature, for introducing water to the agate. "
"They called and for introducing water to the agate?"
Edgar was stirred by the question that Lydia had done, he wondered how Edgar would know about the agate.
"Looking at this agate in the center of the stone, you understand why there is a hole in it? Here, water was introduced. But since it broke, we can not verify the water. In an instant, it evaporates. "
"The why, do you know why there is water in it?"
"When you shake, you hear the sound inside the water. If that stone were found. Gradually cut from the outside, approaching the heart, you can view the contents. This ancient water, is still sleeping in the depths of the earth. "
Imagining, Lydia sighed. The color of the cavity in the agate was similar to the color of a thin window, as if seen sunlight crossing at its center.
"I probably called egg fairy image, the color of mint leaf is almost similar, and the water is amazing beyond compare."
"But Father, this unusual agate, maybe it is true that it is within a fairy?"
Lydia saying that without realizing it, the Langley unaccustomed raised his head in surprise.
"A fairy like things beautiful, the water in the agate is the sixth day of creation, is a mysterious water, no? The fairies are attracted, being trapped. Moreover, this gem is a stone that holds the sun's rays received. You can also enclose magical powers. Both tales, which have been locked and can not leave. "
"True, this type of use was recorded. No other types of agate containing water, it is said that the fairy tales egg can block out demons. "
"So the stone called fairy egg, now where are you?"
"It seems that no longer exists. In the early 16th century, there was one in the convent of Canterbury. After that there was no registration. "
Upon hearing this, Lydia suddenly had a doubt.
"But Edgar, the girls wearing the fairy egg used it for divination, it was not an agate, but used a crystal ball, right?"
The "fairy egg" was a jewel, it was to play the guessing.
"Oh yeah, well here was my hobby."
Fans saying he had no fondness for fairies.
"On the fairy egg, I know a place where they sell. Will not you see? "
"Eh, what now?"
"That's why I came to invite. In the Cremorne Gardens, the event appears to be only on Sunday. "
After Edgar, looked at Mr. Carlton.
"Professor Carlton, Will Miss Lydia let out? I would ask the doctor for a job as a tale. "
"If it's working, I can not stop Lydia, but it is night. Hope you do not be late. "
"I've heard recently that the Garden Palace is not a good public place."
Langley noted with concern Lydia.
"When I finish the chores, I turn to bring it home. Being me, have nothing to worry about. "
In truth I was getting into the den of wolves, do not think there was another more dangerous person than him, Lydia was stunned. But if he find the fairy egg could get their hands on the gem genuine, who sell it, perhaps there was a need to know.
In addition, Edgar wanted to make sure the matter of the baroness.
"I'm going. Can you wait awhile? I have to get ready. "
Lydia stopping, Langley called.
"Excuse me, Miss Lydia, I forgot. If you do not mind receiving it. "
Giving it was a bouquet of daisies.
"I always come away empty-handed. Ah right, thanks for the cookies today. "
"Wow, thank you very much."
Being very happy Lydia smiled.

When Lydia was picking up a hat and shawl, Edgar was waiting in the carriage. Raven went with them, was waiting motionless beside the carriage.
In the middle of the road, when the coach walked and stand alongside Lydia Edgar looked at carefully.
She felt uncomfortable with that.
"... What? Why look at me like that? "
"On reflection, I do not know you had that smile."
"You received some flowers from Mr. Langley, I was very happy from the bottom of your heart. When I give you flowers, you're not even happy. "
"That's not in your place, you do not do heart ..."
Saying this, he always said most of what I thought. Edgar did not want to meet in that situation, he had unwittingly passed it. But if you said to heart, perhaps it was not so bad to say it.
"If a woman than a man received a magnificent bouquet, they are pleased when the man who gathers flowers like the way right?"
Seeing him so depressed, if what he did at the end Lydia felt guilty.
I thought it was appropriate to have received this as a student that was required for a simple flower, Edgar was puzzled.
"Mr. Langley lives nearby, almost always at my house."
"Two houses down, at an inn."
"Raven, did you hear?"
Yes, replied the young man who was seated in front.
"En-waiting. What will you do! "
What do Raven, people who prevented him Edgar had declared that killing.
"I'm a little jealous."
"No, that, doing it so easily ..."
Being nervous Lydia, Edgar laughed.

Earl and Fairy---Book 2 PART 1

"Have you left a lot of fog suddenly not?"
When talking about the other person, the girl lowered her head to feel nervous, looking out the carriage.
The cityscape was covered by a heavy fog, giving an abstract vision.
Looking up, the buildings of the city stood up to see the cathedral of San Paulo, the loom, watching the capital giant fog.
"Today could have thought of something dangerous. Being a lady, waiting for a car is very improper. "
The girl was ashamed, he looked at the person who was sitting beside him, he quickly returned his gaze to his knees.
"If it is true. My company should now be worried. It's very kind of you worry, Count. "
"Well, you did not understand. Being together with a pretty young lady, I have luck. "
"Uh, no, do not say that ..."
Realizing the compliment her heart was beating fast. The car owner had a wonderful interior design, the shy girl had noticed this.
The features beautiful young aristocrat, had recently returned from abroad. From a distance you could see he had a clear blonde hair and had an elegant demeanor. He was refined to talk to the ladies, had a reputation as a charming person.
Social representation had not yet begun, but for girls of high society, he was the rumor that happened in London.
The Count had known him but he could not speak directly, putting the environment a bit boring being in a carriage and was worried that he could not imagine that he was bringing home.
Helping in the charity kermes, annoying some girls were out with no intention of doing his duty. For girls of high society, by making a charity rather than a duty, was a kind of training to be wives, the concurrence of the girls, not only worsened over time, and she considered him much that for a day .
Her to confirm, again looked at him askance.
I thought that maybe, Rosalie would envy, she remembered that her cousin fall in love at first sight of the count and actively talk about it.
"You're very quiet, no?"
He did not raise her face, but knew he was smiling politely.
"Or perhaps you regret getting into a carriage to a man who does not know?"
"Impossible ... The Count Ashenbert is a nice gentleman, that's what everyone has said."
"Rumour has it that somewhere in the fog appears and takes you making it disappear. Nobody knows the truth, but there is an interest in that. "
Suddenly his body approaches, she stiffened.
He slid his fingers into the girl's hair.
He did not touch and spread, the lifted a leaf of a tree.
"Excuse me, is the wind that has blown."
Unconsciously he raised his face, and met his gaze.
When he smiled, he felt a heavy shadow hiding, she trembled.
I did not know that person. That was true.
He had both name and status, was the right person, but if I was a knight, she did not know.
"London Fog is a bad omen. Do you know how many boys and girls, this fog is gone, Lady Doris? "
He did not separate her eyes, she turned her gaze.
"I have care of the bad intentions."
The carriage stopped.
The driver opened the door, she saw that he was in front of the residence, he calmed down.
Be carried by the fog, thinking it was a silly thing.
However, more still in the thick fog carrying back the carriage of the count, he thought that person had land that lay beyond the fog.
The official name of Count Ashenbert, was the Count of Ibrazel.
The rumors are that he was the master of the world of fairies.
"Doris, where did you go? Does the coach now, the count was not Ashenbert? "
"Rosalie, yes, this ..."
Her cousin was standing in front of the entrance, looking at her he felt he was upset.
"Would you have me in advance?"
"You say."
"Wait, why do not I want to see? "Lately I're hiding from something?"
"Nothing, I'm not hiding anything."
She was rushed to deny.
"Let me tell you something, you can not hide anything from me. Do not you have forgotten that I have a fairy who has sworn allegiance not? "
"Then tell me. At this time, you've been secretly writing a letter, what is it? "
Then, the content could not have seen. She sighed with relief, but being in that situation bother Rosalie.
"After all, something you're hiding me! If you break the vow you know that the fairy will punish you, no? "
Both had an oath to the fairy. Being friends, the promise was not hiding anything. If the promise was broken, they were told they would receive the punishment of fogman.
"But Rosalie, I wonder if the fogman there ..."
"There! Well I do not know, but if something happens you do not save. If it takes the fogman will be good! "
The fogman, the children of London had heard since childhood was a fairy mist. He was not old enough to believe those stories, and not afraid to believe in that.
The unfortunate catch small fogman. He remembered something from when I was a child, I thought it was a dream. For this fault, so far the conversation on fogman for her darkness and death associated giving a state of insecurity.
If the fogman it was, what would?
He saw his cousin was leaving orange hair, she was in a fog, feeling that she was alone in it.


Here in London Mayfair in the neighborhood were the most prominent mansions. In that neighborhood, was the palace of Edgar Ashenbert.
He had recently returned to England, being a 20 year old who had bought the building of limestone, one of the rooms, was the workplace of Lydia.
Being forced to be the doctor advises tale, a young woman of 17 who had been deceived by the count, and there was two weeks ago.
Edgar took the post of lord of the fairies and Earl of England, but was not the true descendant carrying blood Ashenbert family, was a person who did not know about his birth. He had not confused that he was out of an aristocratic family, but that the fairies did not care.
Almost the same as other people, he not only could not see the figure of the tale, and could not hear them but had inherited territories where fairies live, and accepted him as their master. The problem was how to ask Dr. Lydia to be your tale, and laid a trap.
By the time they lived together with humans and fairy tales were doctors who knew about these and conducting negotiations, were the means for both sides to coexist.
But today, in the 19th century, stories about the existence of fairies were very few people had forgotten them. The existence of fairy doctors, it was very rare.
So Lydia, in his hometown, to be named after Dr. tale, it was foolish for work, considering it a stranger. Now, they had to be officially hired Dr. tale. Lydia was still a rookie but had honored her with a good job, not feeling well, did not know what he thought the person was hired.
Also today, Lydia, was at the office until the door opens, feeling exhausted from the visit.
It was a bouquet of flowers.
"What is it ...?"
"It sends the Lord."
Listening to the voice coming from behind, was the foreman Tompkins. He was short and chubby something that did not fit with their agile movements, as well put a large vase in the window.
"Also today the Lord has gone, Miss Lydia go quietly in this place."
Upon hearing that it was not Edgar, sighed with relief.
"So today, it's OK not to leave."
I did not know because every day, theater or tea meeting or meetings of musical performances, Edgar took her to entertain. Why did he say that in that place had to do his job as a doctor tales?, Saying it had already spent 2 weeks.
Lydia has not worked. But Edgar had not hired to do his job?
Clearly, Lydia thought Edgar was like a doll.
That room, it really only looked like a workplace.
The color of the carpet and the wallpaper on the wall were light green in the fabric of the sofa had a distinguished assemblage and an ornamental border, in the folds of the curtains were of silk.
On the shelf, carving and pottery seemed to be made for dolls, the room seemed made for ladies of society. What was he thinking?
"So when they come to hand over the dress, please check the size is correct."
"Hey, you dress?"
When I was retiring, Tompkins stood by his call.
"Yes. Next month, the dress is for the opera at the Royal Palace. "
"Opera? I did not hear that. "
"Then you should pay more attention. Apart from that from now on, depending on the place you leave is necessary to complete some things. No, not that say it with bad intentions. In this family the payment of furniture and accessories are one. "
"Excuse me, but what do you mean to go other places? "That does not concern my work, no? In general, to enter the opera program is worrying me. "
No matter which path he took, the girls that were a favored motif. Sensing that, he also had left in a pompous and a present of flowers, Lydia remembered with revulsion.
"This is your position, mine is that you go to the opera house with Mr. Edgar. Have compassion for this poor old man. "
"Mr. Tompkins, do not feel sick Edgar use it?"
Originally, he was the descendant of stewards working for the family of Count, presenting his successor, he gladly works for Edgar, so cold and spoiled man, was happy to accommodate them, Lydia thought it was strange.
"Miss Lydia, Butler can not leave his master. Never mind the nonsense that says the master, so that we can meet, that is the quality of a butler. "
"... Some win and others lose in the world is not it?"
He smiled happily, really wanted to do the job.
"But I'm not going to do what Edgar wants."
Lydia putting on her shawl, left the room.
"Where are you going?"
"I have nothing to do, no? I want to walk out for a while. "
While there, I would think that Edgar and uneasy.
"Also this afternoon and will leave dark cloud."
"Do you know?"
"Yes, I can feel the temperature down my back."
"Well, if it so come back."

Spending Easter, was the wind of spring, but London did not seem to spring, every day was foggy.
I did not know until they would be in London. Originally Lydia, would happen to his father the feast of Easter, why he had left his hometown in Scotland.
His father taught at the University of London, there lived, in fact, leaving her daughter alone in the house of Scotland had him worried, said that living here would be better.
But Lydia, the house of his hometown, when she was little her mother had died having vague memories of where eligible, in addition to those lands were one of the places where you could find more tales.
Having killed his grandmother and Lydia is alone, her father called her to go to London but did not succeed. So far, Lydia preferred to live in his hometown, that I recognized.
But the problem was Edgar.
Being hired by the family of the Earl, Edgar was not allowed to secede from London.
But Lydia, where was I had to do their job, there was no need to fear that her fired, she knew very well.
His work was related to the fairies. Since the beginning had not done that, Edgar was playing with it, so I had not done any work, even though she had been hired as a doctor of fairies and so could not return to their homeland.
He acknowledged that there was no other way to meet Edgar by his lies, Lydia was heading to the park, going aimlessly.
"Hell, here the fish are bad."
Listening to someone say this, he was beside a cat.
No, it was a cat, but a fairy, was now over a wall, pretending to walk on all fours.
"Nico, please stop eating to sneak into the shop in front."
"Even the cats do not let me close. I have not eaten anything. "
That hour passed very few people, Nico jumped the wall, standing on two legs. He had an abundant gray hair, a well-decorated tie, and took out his chest showing a gentleman.
"Well, what is this?"
Lydia had noticed that Nico wrapped like something important in your queue.
"One can of food. When I was taking a nap two houses back I met an elf, says this is the richest part of London. "
"But this is a canned fish."
"What, fish? This is not like fish. "
"That is why is the content of the preserve. Clearly, the fish is, are they not written on the label? ".
"Huh? Have they put something here? There can be no thing here. "
"Well. The lid is welded, so we can not open it without a tool. "
He saw all sides preserved, sometimes Nico was very reliable, understanding, lifted its tail angrily.
"Damn, this troll, I cheated! I can not open so I can not eat, I gave my bread cream! Besides a fish in there? "
He threw the preserves, but Lydia picked it up.
"Well does not matter. Then we will open it. While it is fish, you must understand, this was picked up from far away. "
After Lydia and Nico went, through the thicket of trees a short walk in the park.
The fog was low and began to lightly cover the trees of the place was quiet.
At that time there was little presence of the people, the branch was confused with a squirrel or a bird, but found the figure of a fairy.
The forests of Scotland were not comparable, but in London you could still see some fairies. Looking for Lydia understood, people who saw the fairies were very few, laughed and joined her.
Lydia was sitting on the bench, listening to the fairy paying close attention. Rather than listen to the meaning, even seemed to hear the sound of the bird, feeling her heart with joy, few people knew that this feeling.
Time passed quietly, quickly turned bad picture. Accidentally got dark mist, going for her, Lydia heard the howl of a dog.
Fairies dispersed. Heard more about the dog barking.
"No, Nico. There are also stray dogs. "
"Do not make jokes. I'll disappear. "
"Huh?, Wait, Nico!"
That's when Nico disappears, then something moving near the weeds.
Snarling, Lydia approached a large stray dog. One, two dogs had gathered and were surrounded.
"No ... Do not come!"
Launching a dog, Lydia inadvertently launched the preserve. Successful, the dog reached the ground but the other dog was angry.
Starting a tree branch, she appeared behind a shadow.
Emerging from the mist, came a great black figure.
"Fogman ..."
Murmured unconsciously, to appear in the mist on the figure of a dog was a bad omen, that was why he took that look.
A man pulled the arm of Lydia.
Floated the smell of medicine.
What? A kidnapper?
Soon the man stiffened. Collapsing on the floor.
The ground was stained with blood, was then standing beside him without expression, a young man with brown skin.
Lydia knew this young man. That looked like a gun fighter walking abroad. It was the faithful servant of Edgar.
Realizing, Lydia was the head of the jaws of the ferocious dog.
Raven turned Surprisingly waving the knife. Tearing through him.
In the blink of an eye, Raven was in charge of it, the dogs that were against them, he beat them.
"Miss Lydia, let's go."
"But, Raven, why did you?"
"Quick, we must move away from this site."
Pressed, followed Raven.
With difficulty, this was a place where very few people would, Lydia began to feel ill.
Being nervous, mixed smell of medicine and blood.
Looking at his clothes and his hair had not been spotted almost nothing, was because he had washed the blood.
Raven habiéndola saved, but gratitude was afraid, was his way of being ruthless.
If I was a bit more lenient ... wanted to say that, but for him that criterion, and the sensitivity of Lydia were very difficult to understand.
"Miss, do you have any injuries?"
"No ... I'm fine."
I did not want to be touched, Lydia straightened.
The city was a dangerous place.
I thought even in the evening was a dangerous place. People should watch out for pickpockets, and that these do not give a pole to steal also, if you were not careful, you could be under fire from an assailant or a pervert.
Lydia is not used to London and walking around aimlessly not find anything that was interesting.
He still could not understand Raven, she felt she had good communication with him.
It was the loyal servant of Edgar, like a beast when killed. For Lydia, for the most part, he was enigmatic.
But the puzzle was why he was following orders from Edgar.
"Lydia! Why did you not have happened. "
Edgar was in the work room that was filled with flowers, saying it exaggerated, suddenly took both her hands of Lydia.
Lydia frowning, smiling innocently as he saw, but deep down I did not think it was so innocent.
Lydia quickly withdrew his hands.
"Yes, I was rescued. Thanks for your part by sending Raven to follow me. "
Lydia said that with so much hate, Edgar did not follow.
"I hope it was useful to help."
"That's not what I mean! If she had not submitted this pervert, I would not know anything about it, have you sent Raven to follow me closely and that this report gave you everything, no? "
"I did not do for that. With all my heart, I did it to escort you. "
Is it true?
Certainly he seemed preoccupied, watching Lydia, this had some noble traits and proportionate. Also, a gray-green eyes that always seemed to hide something through them.
For Lydia, Edgar was still a person who did not know well.
From the door, Raven had entered silently.
"Miss Lydia his medicine. It's for your headache. "
"In fact, Lydia. I was scared. "
He looked closer, moving in the top of the sofa where he was Lydia.
They were very close, remove it he had no qualms, his own face, conversation and behavior that another person did not feel uncomfortable in his presence only that Lydia knew his character was bad.
A person like him extravagant and alienated, Lydia was still not used to being around men, although not think it was unpleasant or uncomfortable. He put his hand to touch the forehead of Lydia.
"It seems you had a fever."
"... It is because I saw the blood, but I'm fine!"
Raven Edgar heeded. Thanks to that, he left a little Lydia.
"Blood? Did you kill anyone? "
Raven As always, just changed its expression. Being faithful to Edgar, calmly answered the question.
"How many people?"
"One and four animals."
"Four animals?"
"He used dogs."
Thinking a little was silent for a while, again spoke to Raven Edgar.















"I understand. All right. "
Nodding, Raven put the medicine in the cup, leaving on the table on a silver platter.
"Miss Lydia threw away this is what, I've got."
It was the canned Lydia had thrown the big dog.
Being battered tin, Edgar looked amazed.
"A canned fish?"
"No, probably a gun."
Lydia Raven did not think he said it in jest, and she keeps having thrown the, he had picked up carrying it the whole way.
Feeling ashamed, he saw that the cat was on the pad.
As if nothing had happened, Nico yawned.
"Umm, how do you use?"
Retiring Raven, Edgar said.
"Want to try?"
Lydia was desperate.
"No, do not worry."
Smiling happily, he sat on the opposite side.
"Well, Lydia, if possible from now, I do not walk alone. I think Raven can not do it but I think a servant if, besides the coach and will take you. "
"It is not to overdo it, I can take care of."
'I'm not exaggerating. This is what makes a girl of good family. "
"But I am not of the nobility. Plus I'm used to being alone, to do whatever he wants. "
"We're not in Scotland, we are in the capital of the Queen. Here is judged by the dress and behavior. Being a girl, it is common that you behave like a lady. "
"That does not matter to my father."
"That's why you're doing the opposite to become a good lady. He has not been taken seriously. This is essential, your eccentricity not become a problem. Look at the fairies, hear and talk freely with them, has formed a personality only with them. "
Is that what you mean?
In the town of Lydia, by declaring in public that could see the fairies had been considered a rare person. Furthermore, Edgar was awarded the title of Count of the fairy world, but it seemed that this was not the problem.
Aristocratic society did not believe in the existence of fairies, this name for generations had been inherited through the years just seeing it in a humorous way, receiving the title, Edgar did not mind that, just behaved like an aristocrat.
"That's why rather than looking like a gangster, you behave like a stately aristocrat, eh?"
But Lydia did not want to behave like an aristocrat. There was no reason to do so, I wanted to make fun of what Edgar wanted.
"I want to become a lady, it seems that you have enough free time, right? Why is this room is full of posies, you pretend? "
"Do not you like? I wanted to gather a picture of you. "
"Aah? Where?
"For example, this pink, green ice is a very rare variety. Looking through the glow of a lamp, green glow is just the blonde, the color of your eyes. "
He brought the rose to her lips. Noting his passionate eyes, Lydia felt I was seeing an illusion.
Edgar standing, Lydia approached while it was still talking.
"And you're the fairy of the garden of flowers. "You sit here, this room looks like a perfect piece of art. It is a magnificent scene successfully. Ahh, if it could be by your side like a little purple, this flourish. At any time, if you look at me that way if it is under your protection with this beautiful candy hair ... "
"Bastaaaa Ahhh, I understand! For that to. "
I did not want to look but in front of him was the violet, the color of Edgar's eyes resembled that of the violet, while she was exhausted.
This conversation was for the girls, he used those words to anyone forgot after that.
While standing, Edgar shrugged.
Perhaps he thought that it was embarrassing, his specialty was that people would hear it magnificently, but what he said was not true. I knew it but if it were allowed, would be introduced into an embarrassment Lydia.
"For a girl, that use is not just one. As a member of the family of the count, this is something indispensable. "
Edgar was a completely serious face, sitting Lydia put her hand on her shoulder.
"The post count you gave me for that, not only mine, you were also. Being a fairy doctor, you're my precious friend. "
"Being part of the staff are good. But to wear the label ... I do not want to become your accessory. "

"A jewel, is a value that attracts people's eyes. A beautiful young fairy doctor gets lonely and is used as the value of a neglected jewel. "
For a girl that was true, but beauty was a subjective issue. Apart from his relatives she had not been praised, thought she had no attraction whatsoever. He had been told of his appearance and his strong character.
Edgar was the exception, as he praised anyone.
Thinking about it, I felt discomfort.
"So what is the purpose of doing so, is he to call more attention?"
"It's not that. In short ... what I'm saying is that I want you by my side forever "
Staying a bit confused, had no qualms tone could not cut the sense of a statement like that.
Lydia desperate, had to calm calmed the beating of his heart.
Edgar was not a person of trust. It was not a bad person in the background but of necessity had to become a bad person.
Lydia capacity needed for the family of the count, and use it in any way.
"... This being so, did you watch me? In America you executed for having committed crimes, people who know about this are Raven and I right? I will not tell anyone this, not worry. The fairies will recognized as the count, and my job is to help as a doctor tale. That's why we do not need to flatter me or you make a gallant. "
Opening his eyes, he saw that Edgar was depressed.
Why? Were you wrong?
There was no need to feel depressed, thinking, Lydia felt guilty. He had not lied when he said he was his companion, hesitate to deny it, perhaps she had hurt the feelings of a little Edgar.
"So ... did not know you hate me so much."
"Well, not really."
While he was away, what Lydia had said he did stop, she rose.
"So you do not hate me?"
Edgar turning grabbed the hand of Lydia.